Saturday, February 03, 2018

Small Bathroom Redo Reveal (picture heavy)

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Sometimes maybe we limit our labeling of miracle to things like people walking on unfrozen water and blind men inexplicably being able to see, but I'd like to encourage you to expand your appreciation sphere by including things like, oh I don't know, not running out of cucumbers by the end of the week maybe, or having that one extra diaper when you were sure they were all gone or, oooooooooooor, OR me blogging twice in a seven day period.  The Lord is powerful strong, y'all.

The bathroom is finished!

Okay, well...if I were a proper lifestyle blogger, I would have 100% more fresh flowers and hand-lettered prints and wrought iron grates and reclaimed wood thingies, but honestly I just needed to take some pics and get them posted before my kids trash the place, canIgetanamen.

Step 1: If you have not seen all the before pics yet, go to there first.  I'm not in a hurry.

Step 2: Welcome back!  I'm excited.

Step 3: Here are two of the befores one more time:
From my phone.  It's purty

The listing pic.  As good as it ever got.

Step 4: Et voila!
Even with the large vanity, it actually feels bigger in here!

Paint color: Silver Drop by Behr

Y mas, y mas, y mas y mas y mas...

white framed mirror : towel rod : shower curtain : faucet : vanity : robe hooks
This was not a free update by any means, but it was not a gut-job either.  We didn't move any walls or change any electrical and the plumbing work was super duper minimal.  The reason it took almost four weeks to complete is that, well, we also did all the other things of our lives while it was going on. No 24 hour HGTV-style turnarounds like the last time we fixed up a bathroom, no sirree.

white framed mirror : towel ring : tp holder : faucet : vanity : water hyacinth baskets
But despite it not being a total redo, we are super happy with the results.  It just feels so fresh and happy and intentional and usable in there.  And since it's the main bathroom for the entire house, including any guests who come to visit, I feel like we've given them a little treat, too. If you've ever come over in the past and had the knob and a portion of the old brown wall cabinet come off in your hands, YOU ARE WELCOME.

 This is the Pfister Selia faucet, which was....well, it wouldn't have been my first choice if I had had much of a choice.  But the sink required an 8" widespread faucet and the black hardware required, in my mind, that we go with the black or oil rubbed bronze color.  Slim pickins, my friends.  Verververver slim. But! I love it!  It looks great, was easy to install, and doesn't drip or look asymmetrical when both handles are turned fully on or off.  Hopefully it will continue to be a good choice because dollah dollah bills and all that.

lined wire basket : small woven basket
Oh gosh, the baskets.  The baskets! I cannot, without extreme embarrassment, admit how many hours it took me to find baskets that fit into these various spaces, looked the way I wanted them to, and didn't cost as much as an assortment of college textbooks. Oy. But these turned out to be just right, so if you're on a basket hunt, seek no more.

 And okay how much do you love this shower curtain???  I know. Seven million loves. Me too. Heart eye emojis all ovah da place.

 Oh, also, the vanity (from Scott Living) actually came with a matching dark-framed mirror in addition to the sink, but I felt strongly that the wall mirror needed to be white (is it normal to feel strongly about this sort of thing?), so I put the dark one up in the mudroom and got this white-framed one instead.

Definitely the right choice. The dark mirror with white sink with dark cabinet would have given me a distinct Oreo cookie vibe or something. It's a thing, trust me.

grey small plastic baskets : set of 3 water hyacinth baskets
These baskets are inside the white cabinet to contain and organize all the flotsam and jetsam.  We'll see how it works out in the long run, but for now it makes me feel extremely organized and fancy to have such things in my very own bathroom, toot toot (that's me pulling the whistle on my personal celebration train).

Ah.  Feels good to be finished. Hope you've enjoyed following along!





Paint color
Behr Silver Drop

towel rod
white mirror
set 3 light colored baskets
lined wire basket- Better Homes and Gardens
Millbridge towel ring
Millbridge tp holder
Millbridge robe hook
Pfister Selia faucet
Scott Living vanity
30" wall cabinet
grey plastic baskets
Threshold shower curtain
small woven shelf basket

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