Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silent Saturday: Baby happy. Dog smart.

Baby happy.  Dog smart.

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  1. That does not look silent lol... it does look adorable though. :o)


  2. Baby happy, dog smart, Dwija hilarious!

  3. Love it! I always wonder how people have babies without dogs to clean up after them!

  4. Dweej, It doesn't look like either one of them are suffering too much from your current 'situation'. I married to a journeyman ironworker who, during the course of 40 yrs, has been alternately employed & unemployed, depending on the economy. Based on my experience, I can honestly say that 'this too will pass' but that doesn't relieve your stress right now. I know how it is to have rice & beans for supper every night & gets old quick!
    It seems like, since St Joseph is my adopted saint for 2011, the best thing I can do for you is to go to him & ask him to help you all. I could NOT have gotten through this yr so far without his help....and I have all my M's!! :-)
    I pray part of the St Joseph's Mantle prayer each night & I'll remind him about y'all until things get better. God bless.

  5. @lucy-No one would clean our floors if our dogs weren't here to do it. That is the sad truth!

    @thereseRita- thank you so much for your prayers. That is the most precious thing right now and we are so thankful!

  6. I just love the single strand of spaghetti in her hair...she is going to be such a trend setter! :D (ps. our dog also regularly cleans our's invaluable to a busy parent!! )

  7. I love everything about this picture.


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