Friday, January 21, 2011

How much does it cost to build an outhouse?

If you've ever been in labor, then it'll be a little easier for you to appreciate what those first few days were like for us. And when I compare this experience to labor, I'm not talking about the pain. The pain I can deal with. Three of my four children were born sans epidural and I can say with certainty that the pain is not the hardest part of labor for me. No, the pain's like a challenge, and boy do I love a good challenge. I mean, tell me that other people have done it, but it's really hard, so probably I should just not consider it, because, you know, it's hard and stuff....well, those words are a first-class ticket to Get Ready to be Impressed Land. But along with this love of challenges usually comes a propensity to be a little controlling. And my husband will tell you that by "a little controlling" I mean "an absolute control freak." And that, the complete lack of control, is the hardest part of labor for me. I can't decide when it starts. I can't decide when it ends. I can't decide how or for how long or what the results will be. There is no pause button, and there is no. going. back.

The plain truth is that what we wanted that first day (and the second, and the third and the tenth....) was a big ol' rewind button, or at the very least an anesthesiologist ready to administer a delicious Life-epidural. We really and truly wanted to get back in the van and drive 5 days, 36 hours on the road, back to our old life and pretend none of this, this insanity, was happening. But then we looked at their sweet faces...

all full of trust and hope, the younger ones so sweetly oblivious to this disaster, the older ones silently pleading with us to make it all better, to make it the beautiful home and the wonderful life that we had promised. So even though we had no idea where we were going to stay, in a brand new city in a brand new state, and we were pretty sure that we would be cooking our food over a fire in that rusty barrel and using our savings to build an outhouse in our jungle, we knew there was no. going. back.


  1. Great pictures of the kids, Dwija!

  2. Thanks, Paula :) Except for the one of Cecilia, the other three were actually taken that first day. What an adventure it's been!

  3. You guys are awesome! No mortgage!!!!!!!!! Wooooooohoooooooooooo! Man, we're always lookin' at fixer uppers, thinking of doing the same thing. It takes so much courage. I'm so proud of you. I hope I can work up the courage too.

  4. You guys could totally do it!!! Houston has some good ones, if I recall correctly. And your kids all seem so adventurous and imaginative. I bet they'd dig living a real before-and-after moment :)

  5. Awwwww, your kids are adorable.


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