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  1. Hi!
    I was about to leave a comment while entering for the Catholic Alphabet book but then it told me I already did. Anyway, all I wanted to say was my 3 year old has no desire to learn her alphabet and I think the beauty and colors of the book would be a great way for me to teach her the alphabet and help her to learn her catechism as well. I would love to win it!! My e-mail is Thanks!!

    God Bless,
    Renee McIlheran

  2. I tried to comment about cloth diapers, but it said I already did although I hadn't typed anything. Either way, I am so stinking excited to have found your blog! If for no other reason the line that reads,"I like my sacraments Catholic and my beer cold." Looking forward to reading more.
    In Him,

    1. Amanda! I will make sure you're entered. So glad you found me too :)

  3. Silly question...I'm new to blogging here and was just wondering how you got the tabs on top, ie. Before and After Pics, Top Ten, etc.

  4. Hi my friend just sent me your site. She told me that you had purchased a cell phone very cheap. Where can I learn about it? Thx

  5. I've got a question about Herding Dogs Progressive Training. Did it explain how to do the training? Was it easy to comprehend? Thanks

  6. Hi Dwija !, I've been trying to email you and keep getting a rejection box on the address. Either I'm doing something stupid of gmail is. Help?


    I thought this family fit with a lot of the women who visit your site and the homeschooling catholic community...wanted to share this so others could keep her family in your prayers.

  8. I'm sorry that link isn't working. here is an article and her obituary link is towards the bottom of it. It has more detail in it. I am bad at this copy paste thing!!!

  9. Catholic must know Dogma > Ripped from your soul.
    If you're at all interested in knowing ... the Catholic Dogma ... that we *must believe* to
    get to Heaven, and which you have *never* seen ...

    I list it on my website > >

    And no ... the anti-Christ vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965) is not the Catholic Church (founded in 33 A.D.).

    There are over 200 heresies against Catholic Dogma ... in the "vatican-2 council" documents ...50 listed on Section 12 (followed by Catholic corections) >

    Being outside ... the Catholic Church in any heresy ... leaves one with no chance of getting to Heaven.

    Physical participation in a heretic cult (vatican-2, lutheran, evangelical, etc) ... automatically excommunicates you from the Catholic Church (that is, Christianity) >

    Mandatory ... Abjuration of heresy to enter the Catholic Church >

    Dogma that one must Abjure to leave the vatican-2 heretic cult and enter the Catholic Church >

    The BIBLE says ... 15 TIMES ... it is not the authority on Faith,
    the BIBLE says the Church in it's Dogma and Doctrine ... is the authority on Faith and the definition of the Catholic Faith ...

    The Catholic God knows ... what we think and believe ...

    Catholic writing of Romans 1:21 >
    "They ... became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened."

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Deuteronomy 31:21 >
    "For I know their thoughts, and what they are about to do this day."

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Job 21:27 >
    "Surely I know your thoughts, and your unjust judgments against Me."
    Regards – Victoria

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