Thursday, August 27, 2015

Using a checklist instead of a schedule to homeschool

I'm doing it, Blythe! I'm just sitting down and doing it and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Running with scissors!!!!

Hold on.  Cecilia wants help doing the math book we haven't started yet.

Holy moly.  Okay, I'm back.

So today on Instagram, I shared these two pics of a quicky project.....

Dagblamit all to heck.  Called away again.  THIS IS WHY I CAN'T BLOG YOU GUYS.

You know when this can't blog thing basically got started?  When I hit six kids.  It's like I'm maxed out.  We have a LOT of fun, I love homeschooling, I love my house projects.  But I can't manage to do all the things anymore, I guess.  Especially in the not-housebound weather.

Welp, it's been 14 minutes since I wrote the above paragraph.  Enormous bug-eyes emoji.

This is why we have to do checklists and not a schedule.

Monday, August 17, 2015

5 Books We've Been Reading Lately

Hey hey hey!  When I first hit publish on this a few hours ago, I didn't know that my interview with the Little House Mothering podcast was going live today.  Well surprise!  It did!  So if you're not so into children's books right now but want to hear me struggle and then not really struggle to complete a full sentence out loud (there is a reason I blog and am not, like, on television or something.) then clicky clicky right here.  But it was so fun.  You'll have fun too.


Once Upon a Time Saints

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