Saturday, May 30, 2015

What's in my bed? (May garden tour, complete with clickbait title!)

Welp, I'm a liar. By the time I post this, it'll be Saturday and I claimed I'd do it Friday.  And it's not like I think you care or mind but DANG it's not easy  At least not on time anyway.

But, good news- the disaster I've created in the living room has finally turned the corner to "slightly better than the most horrible it can possibly look" which is an enormous improvement over three hours ago which means yay!  Blogging at midnight!  Only best practices for this gal.  Ahem.

My garden tour is not as much a tour from point a to b but maybe more of a tour through time.  And I just told you that because I talk too much.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I should be too embarassed to share picture #3, but I'm just not {phfr}

The perennials at the new house (the rule is that you can call it new for one year because each season is like "whoa!  whoa whoa whoa.  What the heck is going on now...?) got off to a slow start but are completely rockin' my socks at the moment.  A full May garden tour tomorrow (Cari is hosting a link up, so do the taking of the pictures, m'kay?) but just a little sneak of the peek right now...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

If You Feed Them, They Will Come : hospitality and why I'm always giving your kids snacks

If you could see my dining room table right now, you would not find a clear surface ready for "real" entertaining or school work.  Not a collection of craft supplies or the mail from the last three weeks.  Not piles of clean, carefully folded laundry.  What you would find is what you will almost always find: food.  Sliced apples, pretzels, graham crackers.  Maybe a  half-eaten banana that someone is saving for later.  Definitely too many abandoned kiddy cups of ice water.

Yesterday I read this post by my e-friend Jenny.  In it she wonders out loud about snacking and asks why people feed kids at random times of the day- not only their own children, but other people's children who happen to be at their houses.

"Why do people want to randomly feed my children? I do not want to randomly feed their children. I do not want to randomly feed my own children. Why is this a thing?"

Monday, May 11, 2015

Can I tell you an embarassing secret?

It's taken me a while, a too long while, to finally really talk about the beautiful book of reflections on motherhood that I was blessed to be a part of. Do you want to know why? Because...well because I couldn't remember what I had written and I didn't want to find out because reading the things I've said gives me that same feeling of panic and shame that a person experiences when hearing their own voice on an answering machine.

Hah! Answering machine. I bet some of you don't remember those existing. I'm old.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Let's Talk About Hanging Plates (7qt)

Let's talk about plates, baby
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things
Let's talk about plates....

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Dwija's amazing house of super hard math problems on the wall!  Step right up, step right up....

Actually I didn't plan this out and have nothing to say at this juncture.  Hold please while I crack open an economy beer.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What crazy people do (dining room before and after)

One thing that crazy people do, I think, is to go to hardware stores on the day of their son's first communion to buy 1x2 boards.  And then they come home with said boards and they measure them and cut them.  And then the thing that crazy people do is to nail the cut boards up as trim around the last unfinished doorway in their kitchen, now just a few hours before they need to be at the church, and then caulk the seams.  And now the crazy people are priming the new trim (twice) and painting trim and saying things like "why are you walking through this doorway??? Wet paint! Wet paint!" Because crazy people think that their kids should know that new trim would be going up on first communion day, ohmygoshpayattentionchildren.


Ta da!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

A Normal Day

Sometimes it's early in the morning and you're feeling pretty annoyed that the infant woke you up at 5:30 in the morning again and then you discover you've somehow run out of butter, and then you spill your coffee just as you hear the as-yet-un-potty-trained toddler hollering from her crib.  And when you go to extract her from said crib, the crib she refuses to give up in exchange for a big girl bed, you discover that she has pooped in her already saturated overnight diaper and yes, you guessed it, has leaked all over her bedding and precious stuffed animals.
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