Monday, May 11, 2015

Can I tell you an embarassing secret?

It's taken me a while, a too long while, to finally really talk about the beautiful book of reflections on motherhood that I was blessed to be a part of. Do you want to know why? Because...well because I couldn't remember what I had written and I didn't want to find out because reading the things I've said gives me that same feeling of panic and shame that a person experiences when hearing their own voice on an answering machine.

Hah! Answering machine. I bet some of you don't remember those existing. I'm old.
So there I was, looking at this book that I was so lucky to have been able to contribute to, too afraid to really encourage you to buy it because I was too proud to allow my fumbling attempts at fancy writin' be seen by all of you. Are you following me? Basically I was being terribly selfish because "I'm too nervous to have you read my chapter."
But then I just sat down and read it. There is so much wonderful, soul moving stuff in there, y'all. So many insightful women. Each chapter a short essay on a mystery of the rosary as it relates to motherhood, the perfect length to give you a little reading break before you hop off to your next task. 

So I don't really care or mind that I'm risking you listening to my answering machine voice anymore. Because this collection, the wisdom you'll find within, are worth it. You'll feel like you've spent a moment with a close friend, a moment that binds you tighter to the heart of our blessed Mother. 

Did I ever tell you that Mama Mary brought me to the Church? Well she totally did. And now she's laughing a little because after writing over 900 public blog posts and a passel of articles, I'm suddenly getting Written Word Stage Fright about this book. Enough, dweej! The people deserve to read and enjoy and grow from this collection, your weirdy weirdnesses aside. 

So get this book, okay? Laugh a little, cry a lot, hang out with our Mama, and maybe become an even better one yourself. 


  1. I can't wait to read it! Answering machines, hahaha!

  2. Still have an answering machine! And no cell phone. :-) Can't wait to read the book!

  3. I was so excited to get my email saying my pre-order of the book was NOW ON MY KINDLE this morning!!

  4. I would love to hear about how Mary brought you to the Church. Have you blogged about that yet? If so, would you mind linking to it?

  5. Mary is getting me through many people's worst nightmare: stage IV cancer.
    She brought my husband into the Church, too. I <3 Mary!
    Thank you for being brave enough to share the book.

  6. Oh my gosh I feel the same way! I truly cringed every time I thought of someone reading my chapter. I still do. One reader contacted me though and said it meant a lot to her. I can't imagine why or how but it did and that's enough. I'm off to read your bit now. I'm sure it is spectacular


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