Saturday, May 02, 2015

A Normal Day

Sometimes it's early in the morning and you're feeling pretty annoyed that the infant woke you up at 5:30 in the morning again and then you discover you've somehow run out of butter, and then you spill your coffee just as you hear the as-yet-un-potty-trained toddler hollering from her crib.  And when you go to extract her from said crib, the crib she refuses to give up in exchange for a big girl bed, you discover that she has pooped in her already saturated overnight diaper and yes, you guessed it, has leaked all over her bedding and precious stuffed animals.

Sometimes you have days and days like this in a row, days that start out and finish like this, and you say something like "dang, can I just get one stinkin' normal day?  I just want a normal day with no shenanigans or disasters or sleep deprived foolishness.  Just, regular."

Then you go to your social media site of choice with your right hand whilst you nurse a baby with your left and you find out what you already knew was probably true: most of the moms you know are having the same kinds of things happen and you realize...

Oh my gosh.

This. Is. Normal.

The shenanigans and disasters and sleep deprived foolishness are the normal and regular of everyday life with kids.  Apparently.  I mean, I don't want...I mean you (ahem) really don't want it to be true but there it is- the cold, hard truth staring you in the face and you're like "well, crap..."

You guys.

You guys, I don't mean to alarm anyone or anything, but it turns out that what I was imagining to be a "normal" day, the kind of day that I basically expect but rarely actually experience, is actually a REMARKABLE day.  A magically unusual, strangely mystical sort of day.

Well shoot!  I've been praying for the wrong thing this whole time!  I keep asking for a normal day and I keep GETTING normal days.  Derp.  

Anyway, I'm not here to give advice about this or anything.  Obvi I just realized a fact most of y'all learned in Motherhood 101.  I'm just here to confess my foolishness.  And to tell you that my new prayer will be that I can manage Normal with more grace and that please might we have a remarkable, magically unusual, strangely mystical sort of day on Sunday for Paul's first communion Mass?  Pretty pretty please with sugar on top?

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p.s. Speaking of motherhood- I wrote a chapter for this real actual book and now the book is published and Lawd help me but I cannot remember a word I said.  I hope it helps someone somewhere. You'll love it regardless because so many wonderful women contributed.  Clicky aqui for a list of all the peoples.  I'll talk more soon but I wanted to tell you now because it became available sooner than we thought.  Exciting!


  1. This is brilliant!! And brand new for me. I apparently just took "Motherhood 101" - and you were my teacher! Thanks for the perspective shift.

  2. I have this quote on my wall. "God answers the mess of life with one word, "grace."" From Mark Lucado. :)

  3. Oh. Yes. Precisely what I was supposed to be learning this week, I think. Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear!

  4. Yep. Yesterday was the most normal of normal days and I was going crazy. Then we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL Saturday and it's Kentucky Derby Day!! Perhaps today might be remarkable. Hopefully your tomorrow will be. Congratulations to Paul!!

  5. Ugh, it is so hard for me to let go of those expectations. I am not one who thrives amidst chaos (control freak! delicate flower!) so these years of littles have been jarring and painful. But I don't want to just put my head down and muscle through it, either, though some days that's all I can do. I know there's an answer somewhere for me, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for sharing, acceptance is probably the first step!

  6. Congratulations to Paul.. I'm guessing the earthquake today,, was just a normal Michigan-Mom thing too.. ...

  7. Praying for "normal" is a bit akin to praying for patience. My grandmother once told me to NEVER pray for patience, because then God gives you lots of opportunities to practice.

    1. Such a funny way to look at it! But then I'm almost scared NOT to pray for patience cause if I get any less patient things are gonna get real funky up in here

  8. Yes. Yes to all of this. And thank you.

  9. I love this. You had me at derp.

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