Saturday, June 09, 2018

Master Bedroom REVEAL - picture heavy

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I am so friggin happy with this room update, mah party people. Because our room wasn't "that bad" compared to some of the others when we moved in, because it wasn't a common space that we all shared daily, because it wasn't really relevant when we entertained, we put off sprucing it up for almost four years.

Until it was better, we didn't realize how much we avoided going in there unless absolutely necessary.  Now, of course, it's the best room in the house.  And unlike the bathroom, which I also still love, it's a little more socially acceptable (and spacious. and fragrant) for us to all hang out in there together. 

Time for the good stuff!


Listing pic:

Maybe the main issue is a difference in style and color preferences?  Let's call it that.

Pictures while we lived here:

Are you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeadyyyyyyyyyyyy???
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