Saturday, June 09, 2018

Master Bedroom REVEAL - picture heavy

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I am so friggin happy with this room update, mah party people. Because our room wasn't "that bad" compared to some of the others when we moved in, because it wasn't a common space that we all shared daily, because it wasn't really relevant when we entertained, we put off sprucing it up for almost four years.

Until it was better, we didn't realize how much we avoided going in there unless absolutely necessary.  Now, of course, it's the best room in the house.  And unlike the bathroom, which I also still love, it's a little more socially acceptable (and spacious. and fragrant) for us to all hang out in there together. 

Time for the good stuff!


Listing pic:

Maybe the main issue is a difference in style and color preferences?  Let's call it that.

Pictures while we lived here:

Are you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeadyyyyyyyyyyyy???



Some of you might remember the following from Instagram. Let's revisit so we can more fully appreciate the detail pics to follow, shall we?  We shall.

This re-do was one that kind of grew as I went along, which was okay since we already had so many of the supplies.  For example, I already had this unsanded grout and some flat white ceiling paint, so I mixed up my own chalk paint and attacked my Goodwill lamps even though I didn't really have a plan at first and was trembling in fear and trepidation the entire time.

Maybe I should put these pics in a better order?  IDK.  I think I'll skip it to make your life more exciting.  You're welcome.

Anyway!  This wall color! It seriously made us all look ill when we were in there.  PLZ LOOK AT MY COMPLEXION HELP LORD.

And honestly I was super afraid that I wouldn't be able to make this door anything better than an eyesore.  It was so bad.  The trim around it was so bad.  People are always trying to use doors while you're trying to paint them.  Basically doors and painting them is? are? I can't figure out what word to use here. Anyway.....they're a huge pain and don't let Pinterest tell you any different. I'm not telling you not to do it, I'm just saying get your beer dispensing cap ready in advance.

I thiiiiiiiiiiink the previous owners used to shut their dog(s) in here when company came over.  Lord, hear our prayer.
 Oh man.  Just....yeah.

Hah, again with the pics being in an order that makes no sense.  This is a pic of our closet after we replaced the doors but before we had done anything else.  I feel it's still ugly enough to give you an appreciation for the situation we were dealing with.  Yum!

And a close-up of one of my favorite features: this glorious ceiling fan! So soothing when one views this from the comfort of their bed, yes.

Now let us cleanse our ocular palates using all the pretty things of the universe, complete with real things like wrinkles in the duvet cover and boxes of Kleenex because this is our really real room and we're planning to live in it just. like. this. praise. hands.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....... *satisfied face gif*

These prints are actually calendar pages from months past courtesy of Katrina Harrington's shop Rose Harrington Art. She does gorgeous, gorgeous work.  You must check her out.
You can also see how the mismatched lamps turned out (the shades are the same ones we already had).  I'm so stinkin' pleased with how they came out.  If you're nervous about trying something new that's not actually dangerous to your person or a potential detriment to the spiritual life of your children, I'm here to say just go for it.  The worst that can happen is that you throw away the lamps that were ugly anyway.
Oh! I also used the same chalk paint on this mirror (yes, it's the same mirror you can see in some of the before pics) and even though my husband thought I was en you tee es nuts while I was painting it on the afternoon of Memorial day, he fully admits that it was a genius move and regularly praises me with great abandon.*
 And this is the same ceiling fan, too!  Basically it was a two step process- 1) flip the fan blades over from orange to brown. 2) replace the three glass thingies with a lamp drum shade.  Totally worth it and much cheaper than buying a new fan! If you google "drum shade ceiling fan diy" you should find lots of great tips and tricks.

Total success with the orange hollow-core door!  Absolute removal of wooden switch and outlet plates! Unmitigated happiness with fresh laundry hamper with lid.

The duvet cover and shams were the same ones we've had and we didn't replace any of the furniture.
 I did go out on a limb a little and tried to mix some textures for the throw pillows (a bit of a splurge, but I was able to do it because I re-used so much that we already had) and I'm totally stoked with how they came together.

If you've been following me for a long time, you'll recognize all these dresser accessories from the master bedroom in the old house (the original House Unseen) , so all of this was obviously nice and affordable.

 Seriously I did not know how cute this lamp was when it was brownblackblackbrown, but now that it's white, I can't get enough of its cute pumpkin-ness.  A. Dor. A. Ble.

 This guitar is one that Tommy built many years ago- it's damaged and out of tune and the kids play with it randomly during the day, but it's one of those nostalgic items that makes me feel grounded and reminds me of where we've been.  Above it I hung a portion of an old map of Michigan that was headed for the trash anyway with a little heart drawn over our house. It looks so good and makes me so happy and was so free that I don't even care how cheesy it is.

Guys, this might be my most favorite room re-do since the beginning of me re-doing rooms.  I don't know why but it just turned out exactly the way I didn't even know to imagine it with the perfect combination of fresh touches and re-using what we already had.

We didn't replace the carpet or the light fixtures or the furniture, yet somehow the space is still fresh and happy and cozy and new.  I'm so grateful that God has given me the energy, enthusiasm, and aptitude for this sort of thing because the results always breathe new life into our lives.

Thanks for playing along!  All links below, or if I've forgotten something, just ask.


Paint color: Dolphin Fin by Behr (in FLAT because of crazy wall texture) Floral art: Rose Harrington botanical wall calendar pages
white frames
ceiling fan drum shade (do not buy this one because the diameter of the hole at the top is too small to fit over the piece on your ceiling fan and you will have to use a large drill bit and drill out the hole for sixteen years straight before it will work.  But do buy a different drum shade because this fix was really worth it.)
striped pillow
knit pillow
button pillow
curtain rods
floor basket
laundry hamper
duvet cover and shams

*not actually

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  1. “If you're nervous about trying something new that's not actually dangerous to your person or a potential detriment to the spiritual life of your children, I'm here to say just go for it.“


    Also, this is MY most favorite of your re-do projects, too...and I don’t even sleep there!!!


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  2. Gorgeous!!!!! Way to gooooo!

  3. Wow, I love this! I seriously got tears in my eyes when I saw a new post from you in my inbox. You always make me laugh out loud, and you are so authentic and I just love your blog!

  4. I found your blog when you were documenting the work at that first house. I loved your before/afters -still do! But I couldn’t help but to think of all that has happened between then and now. So many hard things, but also so many blessings. Through it all, God remains good. I have enjoyed and many times been so encouraged by your sharing of your life. Thank you.

  5. Wow, it looks super, super good. I am so impressed at how you can put this together so quickly. It looks so peaceful, and calming, and bright. It also looks about double the size of your listing photo.
    Thanks for all the pictures; the dog-mangled trim, the non-functional closet door show the contrast on how far you have come in this house. I have loved watching your progress.


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