Friday, September 27, 2013

Laundry Room Final Reveal

Remember that one time when I insisted I was too cool for one of them new fangled motorized electrical clothes drying machines?  Boy was I a dumby dumb dumb dumberson.  God invented dryers for a reason, y'all.

And now, after over three entire years straight of hang-drying the clothing for a family of six which then turned into a family of seven in the not-mild climate of Southwest Michigan, I am enjoying (oh yes, quite literally) the beauty of this glorious modern convenience.  I can do multiple loads in a single day if I want!  Take that, stinky underoos.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In case you forgot how I feel about September in Michigan (TT) (phfr)

Hi. Would it be annoying for me to mention yet again how amazing and spectacular September is in Michigan?  Yes?  Too bad!  Oh my gosh it is so wonderful outside these days.  You guys, COME AND HANG OUT WITH ME BECAUSE IT IS SO GORGEOUS AND YOU DESERVE BETTER.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Talk to Toddlers

I'm sitting on the floor of one of the kids' rooms right now.  Wearing an apron because I really thought that today...yes TODAY. THIS DAY. NO MORE DELAYS. I was going to get really really really on top of this housework so that it isn't just one-notch-above-uninhabitable when my unwitting husband walks through that front door.

Have you ever lived with a three year old?  So yes, you know exactly why I'm not in fact loading the dishwasher with my limoncello apron on and instead am sitting on a bedroom floor to prevent the escape of one such minuscule tyrant.  Er, um, 'blameless human being.'  Ahem. Whilst I await her imminent descent into dreamland.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Love Comes First

The day that my husband fell in love with me, the day he knew I was the one he was going to marry, I was not Catholic.  I wasn't Christian at all.  And even though he was very much both of those and knew in his heart that I would be happier if I were too, he loved me anyway.  And when he told his parents about me, over the phone across an ocean and a continent, they were just happy.  Maybe inwardly they were nervous or wondered what I was like or worried about whether or not I was the good Catholic girl they probably always prayed to God for.  Maybe.  But outwardly they were nothing except excited.  Is it because my mother in law is a convert too that they truly appreciate the power of the Holy Spirit to do work that regular folk see as unlikely or even impossible?  It could be.  But it doesn't matter.  What matters is that the love came first.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seriously I forgot we have apple trees

It's seems weird to say this, but Imma be brave...

deep breath...

I think I've been doing too many link ups.

There.  I said it.  See, here's what happens in my brain lately:

"Gosh, I love this bb cream.  I should tell people about it!  Okay...but I'll save that for Wednesday and make it one of my five favorites."

Wednesday arrives. Toilet overflows. 2.5 hour art class.  Diaper blowout.  Unexpected phone call. Math meltdown.  Dweej doesn't blog.

No bb cream recommendation for YOU!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just three quick takes this time

Holy McMoly. It's Friday.  FRIDAY, y'all.  How...wha....I just....can't even.  No one told me that scheduling my kids for multiple things during the week and trying to keep the house presentable AND trying to actually make all our meals at home would result in me *sniff sniff* not having time to blog.  If you somehow manage to accomplish all of these things, will you kindly share your secrets?  Because dude.  I mean, I'm supposed to be waking my kids up right now to get them to our Friday co-op and boy...I kinda don't wanna.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WAKES UP A SLEEPING TODDLER EVER EVER EVER EVER???

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lilla Rose giveaway, y'all. Click for freeness!

I've never met Katrina Burbank in real life, but I'd like to.  At first I thought she was just a nice mom who reads my blog, which is enough to make a friend for me, but then her kids each made me a card back in July when we all needed a pick-me-up most, and those cards, along with her dead-pan commentary of hilariousness, made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Not-coincidentally, I found out later that she is somehow friends with a friend and fellow psychology major from UD- a friend who used to have blue spiky hair and an enormous wallet chain and carry a briefcase instead of backpack who is about to be ordained a priest.   Take THAT, stereotypes.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wherein I tell you where to spend your money (7qt)

Before we start, I'd like to ask y'all take a moment and raise your seventh cup of coffee with me in celebration of the first full week of school ending without anyone crying about school work.

Tears welling up doesn't count.

And we even managed to get to church at 8:30 this morning to hospitalitate for our first round of Friday co-op classes, where I succeeded to only minimally embarrass myself and my children by employing my uber-cool "raise the roof" hand gesture on multiple occasions.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A bird, some vandalism, and a spicy pepper (phfr) (TT)

Earlier today I was at the tail end of an e-rant about how everyone and everything was frustrating me this afternoon (don't worry.  Just your run of the mill big-kids-waking-up-baby-from-nap-can't-we-just-be-quiet-for-a-little-while-what-is-wrong-with-y'all) when Paul ran inside and told me that I really had to come out and see this and I would like it.

After yesterday's missing tree debacle (oh, did I neglect to share that with you?  Tomorrow.  Mark my words.) I was a leeeeeetle bit nervous.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Change a Life

When we moved here to Michigan, we didn't know anyone.  I do have family over on the east side (thank you, God!) but here in the Kalamazoo area we had no one.  No built in co-workers or acquaintances or even a realtor that was planning on giving us a gift basket full of chocolate and mortgage documents.  It was hard.  But only a little hard and only for a little while.  Because, and you can probably guess where I'm going with this...

Monday, September 09, 2013

2013 Homeschooling Choices - 1st, 6th, and 7th grades

On Thursday I asked y'all if you'd be interested in my big-kid curriculum chatter and several of you said yes, so let's do it.  All the people, all the things.  First individual subjects, then combo stuff.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Weekend Redux

Right now Tommy is singing "Old MacDonald Had a farm" in a terrible British accent and Mary is laughing hysterically.

When I first thought about starting to write this, he was bottling his most recent batch of beer and little-bit was sleeping off the teething terriblness that has made her a cranky whiny-pants for the last three days.  We even had to cancel going to my cousin's baby's baptism because poor thing had such bad diarrhea yesterday...


Thursday, September 05, 2013

When your kids design their own portraits

Tuesday was the most glorious day. Scratch that- this week has been nothing but gorgeous days so far.  This is our fourth September in Southwest Michigan and I think I'm finally convinced that there is no greater month anywhere ever no matter who who are.  Ever.  In the world.  Throughout all time.

Srsly.  It's hard to be inside for any reason.  The windows are open all day long.  No air conditioner, no heater, no bugs, no humidity.  Can you see the glittery stars encircling my eyes right now?  'Cause they're there. No lie.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Checking in and some outtakes

So I'm totally jumping on that Pinteresty first-day-of-school photo bandwagon, but not before Cari makes my pictures all snazzy using her mad photoshop skillz. But I also can't wait until she's finished to post again because it will have been an entire week since I last talked to y'all and that just will not do.  No.  It will not do at all.

So, here I am.
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