Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seriously I forgot we have apple trees

It's seems weird to say this, but Imma be brave...

deep breath...

I think I've been doing too many link ups.

There.  I said it.  See, here's what happens in my brain lately:

"Gosh, I love this bb cream.  I should tell people about it!  Okay...but I'll save that for Wednesday and make it one of my five favorites."

Wednesday arrives. Toilet overflows. 2.5 hour art class.  Diaper blowout.  Unexpected phone call. Math meltdown.  Dweej doesn't blog.

No bb cream recommendation for YOU!

Anyway, so my new genius plan is to just, wait for it, tell you about stuff when I think of it.

Groundbreaking, I know.

Like right now I'm thinking about our pond apple tree that I had TOTALLY forgotten about.  See, the other day our neighbor gave us a bag of apples from his tree and we (Tommy) decided that we (he and Lizzy) would bake an apple pie with them (because, of course, I hate to cook).  But wait!  Let's mix in some of our OWN apples!

When the pie is ready, I'll make you drool with a pic of it over on el instagramo (be impressed with my tres bueno {boom} multi-lingual skillz), mkay?

Speaking of the grammy grams, a certain child whom shall remain unnamed (just kidding! It was Lizzy of course.) found the headband that she had lost in the black hole of death.

I mean under her bed.

So of course I done shared some photo proof the other day.  Looksee:

The comments on said photo devolved into hilarious ridiculousness, so if you do nothing else today, read those here.

And hey, don't forget to enter to win the Lilla Rose giveaway.  Be quick because it ends in 24 hours!  I'm pretty out of it apparently and thought the only thing you could win was a flexi clip, but it turns out you can choose ANY OF THE THINGS up to a $16 value.  Katrina: making dreams come true she started selling Lilla Rose.

Boy, I need a nap.
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  1. Just read the comments...waiting on you to update your header tag line...and also agree that I want your bones (also in a totally non-creepy way).

  2. Oh can we triple the...."need a nap." Please. Cause' I was wimpy momma and "single-parented" today while el muchacho husbando was at a football game. And I'm burnt and he is coming a tired wife and a dirty kitchen. Bahahahaha...sob...I tried. Whatever.
    ANYWAY...el headbandido is super cute on you but I can't read instagrammy right now cause...well...husband expected in 2.8 seconds. Why am I reading blogs? = needed sanity. needed.
    Ok, Happy Sunday! And I wish we had an apple tree!!!!! Beautiful!

  3. love it. we're drowning in apples over here...can you guys come make pie for us? ;)

    the instagram convo was the best.

  4. Pie! I love making apple pies - my Mama would make pies and stack them in the freezer like cord wood. We had four (4!!) apple trees when I was growing up. I would sell apples in front of the house. We made apple sauce, apple pies, apple butter....such great memories (except for picking up the windfalls that the yellow jackets were also enjoying)!

  5. I too have the "too much link-up" syndrome!!

  6. This place will do in a pinch. If you know what you want/what your diagnosis is when walking in this is probably the place for you. If you're looking for a thorough doctor to solve some mysterious illness you've had for months, you're better off looking elsewhere.


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