Thursday, September 12, 2013

A bird, some vandalism, and a spicy pepper (phfr) (TT)

Earlier today I was at the tail end of an e-rant about how everyone and everything was frustrating me this afternoon (don't worry.  Just your run of the mill big-kids-waking-up-baby-from-nap-can't-we-just-be-quiet-for-a-little-while-what-is-wrong-with-y'all) when Paul ran inside and told me that I really had to come out and see this and I would like it.

After yesterday's missing tree debacle (oh, did I neglect to share that with you?  Tomorrow.  Mark my words.) I was a leeeeeetle bit nervous.

But instead of a disaster, do you know what I found?

The clever folk in facebook land have told me that it's a mourning dove.  I just love her and her stoic determination!

There is absolutely nothing my kids love doing more than digging in the dirt.

Let's say you were to plant a garden and then mostly forget that it existed.  If you were to do such a thing, and this is a big "if," you might go out one day to find that not only were the jalapenos turning enormous and RED but also that bugs were trying to eat them.

Joke's on you, wormy-kins.  #superspicy

Paul's favorite thing these days is to totally hate stuff that Cecilia likes.

I told him that although I agree with him that this book is terrible and should never have been published, he can't go around defacing things just because they annoy him.  Only mommy can do that.

(Hey, that "step into reading" in Futura???)

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  1. Looks like you have black walnut trees, too! I hope I'm wrong, though.

  2. Ha ha! That is a spicy pepper and the joke is totally on the worm. Take that wormy.

    Your sense of humor is right up my alley.

    1. The worm might not know it is spicy. Some insects and birds can not sense capsaicin, the spicy chemical found in peppers!

  3. How can Mary look so clean while playing in the dirt? June also loves dirt, but it sticks to her. LOL

  4. Those are really pretty morning dove photos! And, I love your sense of humor about the worm and the jalepeno. Ha, ha

  5. "Joke's on you, wormy-kins. #superspicy" - That is the funniest thing I have heard in a seriously long time. Wow - thanks for the great laugh. Whew.

  6. I love your mourning dove, but I'm sorry to say that once she's moved on for the year, your best option would be to cut that sucker down and bleach the hell out of the stump -- if it's a black walnut, that is, which it sure looks like. Their roots are crazy long and produce a chemical that poisons any plant growing within their root zone! We have a lot of trouble with them up here in Montcalm County.

    1. Whoa there, Tex. Before you go bleaching the great outdoors, be like Dora and stop and think. Yes, Black Walnut produces a certain chemical which is toxic to certain plants- it's also not a type of wood that should be used to make cutting boards or other items that will come into contact with food (unless you're trying to give your dinner guests diarrhea or something).

      However, there are plenty of plants that grow quite nicely in proximity to the tree, so before removing the tree and pouring caustic chemicals on it, you could try growing some of these:

    2. Nooooooo! Don't destroy Dwija's black walnut orchard!!!!!!

      Has no one read/seen The Lorax?!

  7. Mary is simply beautiful, isn't she? :)

  8. I'm with Paul on this one. We have that exact book, I think, and I gag just looking at it. Oh, I might say, "We don't write in books," all day long. But secretly I put all those books right at Zeke's eye-level. ;)

  9. The bird and Mary are both so sweet - and I'm pretty sure the worm died upon eating that! Holy cow!

  10. You go, Mary Kate. Dr. Seuss knew what was up.

  11. Very lovely! I couldn't stand the sound of mourning dove at 6am when I was growing up. Now I live where there are very few and I miss their sweet voice.
    Let's just hope the wormy is not a horn worm (or whatever they call it in your neck of the woods). They will eat peppers and tomatoes. All the tomatoes! We had a knock down fight 2 years ago. I won.

    - Ella M

  12. We have that princess book, ha!

    Sweet bird, I love that Paul brought you outside to see it.


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