Sunday, September 08, 2013

Weekend Redux

Right now Tommy is singing "Old MacDonald Had a farm" in a terrible British accent and Mary is laughing hysterically.

When I first thought about starting to write this, he was bottling his most recent batch of beer and little-bit was sleeping off the teething terriblness that has made her a cranky whiny-pants for the last three days.  We even had to cancel going to my cousin's baby's baptism because poor thing had such bad diarrhea yesterday...

I'm so sorry.  I'll stop.  Why am I going on about this?  You do not want to hear about her diaper rash and about the things we aren't doing.  *self-face-slap*  Get it together, dweej.

Okay, so Tommy was bottling and I was doing this:

 Okay fine, I wasn't...whatever one imagines when one sees our pictures of a bashed up dining room table top.  I was cleaning and sanding and priming it so I can finally PAINT it so that the laundry room can be finally, finally totally finished.  Woo hoo!  Almost done!

Except for the peg board.  I still need that.

Oh, and the window treatments, too.

Dang it.

See, as I was telling Jenna (Jenna came over again!  Woo hoo!) last night, I suffer from the unfortunate combination of perfectionism and tight-wadness.  Finishing any project to my liking takes a really, really, really long time because everything I find is either ugly (I'm looking at you every single curtain for sale at Meijer) or insanely expensive (custom contertops and matching backsplash anyone?).

ANYWAY!!!!  Where the heck am I going with this?   The never ending renovation project, teething baby....oh!  And this cute photo of my three biggest kids with two of their best friends from Friday afternoon.  Paul can finally be one of the "big kids" sometimes and I am so excited for him.  His job was to carry cans from one location to another and man, he felt extremely grown-up shouldering that awesome responsibility.  Even though he tried to act non-plussed when he got home, mama could tell.  Mama can always tell.

Alright, come back Monday if you voted "yes" to the curriculum run-down.  Even if you didn't vote, come back anyway.
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  1. Ah, perfectionism plus tightwadness... that's my zip code! Ugly or insanely expensive? I hear you!! Two of my more humorous crosses. Is it a good thing to have numerous crosses, so that you don't get bored, but can swap them out for variety?

    1. ME TOO!! Finally, people who understand that ANYBODY can have an awesome Pinteresty-looking house if they are in the camp of "it is reduced by 20%, therefore it is a good deal." The real challenge is to have things like good when you belong to camp, "I really hate spending money. Ever. Since I don't have any. But I also hate ugliness. So, we're just going to do without. For six years."

      Sometimes I want to face slap myself when I see how much time I've spent trying to get a deal on something that really isn't that expensive anyway--especially when it's one of those things that we use so much that it comes down to pennies per use anyway. Like sleepsacks for babies? Hmmm, used 2-5 times a day (depending on age) for 2-12 months, and I'm worried about spending $20? A newborn sleep sack will get used ~300 times by just the first child. I like to have 2-3, so that's still 100-150 times per child. X 3 kids so far...and yeah, $20-30 is not a bad investment. But I like to scour eBay, Bookoo, and CL to get them for a lot less....and then complain that I have no time to build my business. Sort of like writing comments online when I should be sleeping so that I can think straight in the manana.

      Love you Dweej! Keep making crazy look awesome!

  2. I too have the tight-wad/ perfectionism issue, plus a bad dose of not enough time to DIY. So with you.

  3. maybe some kind of curtain-alternative? like cute shutters, maybe?

    1. Oooooh, I bought wide blinds for a kitchen once that I LOVED. Those would look so great in a laundry room. Maybe cost prohibitive? I'll have to crunch some of them there numeros....


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