Thursday, September 26, 2013

In case you forgot how I feel about September in Michigan (TT) (phfr)

Hi. Would it be annoying for me to mention yet again how amazing and spectacular September is in Michigan?  Yes?  Too bad!  Oh my gosh it is so wonderful outside these days.  You guys, COME AND HANG OUT WITH ME BECAUSE IT IS SO GORGEOUS AND YOU DESERVE BETTER.


Thursday is horseback riding day for my big girls.  Or as Cecilia calls it "Hoyse Bayin Day!"  Everything about that barn is incredible, even the porches.  I mean will you look at this?  It's a porch at a barn!

Brace yourselves.

Sorry you're dead from cuteness overload.  My condolences.


Cecilia: comic genius.  Clearly.  Hopefully she'll learn to start channeling her powers for good.

Meanwhile in the indoor covered arena (Shut up!  I know!), two girls on two real, live horses.  Sorry for the super pro through-the-glass shot but really...I just can't even.

Bonus shot:

This is a true story, y'all.

Linking up with Like Mother Like Daughter for PHFR and Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday's OUT theme.  And counting the minutes until next Thursday when we get to go back to magical rolling hills land...

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  1. So beautiful ... it's all marine layer-y here in "sunny" San Diego. Pbtttht.

  2. When did that little one turn into a toddler! You aren't supposed to let that happen!!!

  3. Wait...what...that is not Mary walking around all big girl and did that happen? :)

  4. I think I got sunburned here in Florida today. So. Not. Fair.

  5. Isn't it lovely these days? Not in Michigan but sort of a Canadian equivalent. Yum.

  6. I never really experienced fall until I moved to michigan. I am loooovvving september.

  7. I always loved September when we lived in VA, but in TX not so much. It is still in the upper 90's. Your happy post gives me hope that fun outside will be ours again soon!

  8. September here in Michigan is truly the best month. Followed by October and April/May.

  9. WOW!!!!! Mary chubby-cheeks is like the cutest ever!! Oh man she is just so precious! And the porch...oh I can just dream of a cup of hot cocoa on that porch, on an early misty morning...mmm! Ok, enough dreaming. Gotta wipe some grime!

  10. Fall is amazing and capable of inducing all kinds of giddiness, isn't it? I found myself literally jumping up and down in excitement yesterday because of a BEAUTIFUL fall day. And the cuteness overload of the pictures is always a good thing. Always.

  11. So beautiful. As you well remember, there aren't seasons in Texas. Just HOT or grey, cold, blah.

  12. Has... has Mary had a haircut into a cute and sporty bob? Because we're still rocking the same hair she had when she was born down here and I am totes jelly.


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