Sunday, November 20, 2011

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The good news: I'm not dead.

But, still no call from the prospective new employer with the yay or nay on Tommy getting that job.  They said they'd call every candidate, so we know we'll get some closure at some point.  I just wish that point was about three days ago, ya know?

Also, I still have a bad case of death-warmed-over, but thankfully the effects can be momentarily mitigated by these Eddy's lime fruit bars.  My dear sweet baby Jesus, they are amazing.  And since I can't drink anything except milk (I know!  Not even water, friends.  Tragic.) they are my main source of hydration these days.

So I got all ambitious yesterday with my lime popsicle in hand and decided it was high time I sew a dress for one of my girls.

Please, I see you raising your eyebrows like that.

This growing-a-person thing does weird stuff to your brain, okay?  And I was so frappin' sick of sitting around like a lump feeling sorry for myself.  I wanted to DO something.

Anyway, the whole thing was actually going great considering I had two toddlers climbing on me the entire time, and I was just about to get into self-back-patting position when the dang machine stopped working.  Oh, it's not broken broken.  It just needs to be heavily oiled and of COURSE I am totally out of sewing machine lubricant.

So, my first question is: What is sewing machine lubricant made out of?  Is there something else in my house I can use instead?

Just as I was saying inappropriate things mostly under my breath about how things just refuse to go right, the boy totally barfed.  All over the front of his pajamas and onto the sofa.  Oh man, it was awesome.
This has nothing to do with anything.  Except that is the boy.  On a fake bed at Sears.  'Cause we're fancy like that.
Here is where I say that I am so thankful for my amazing husband.  So thankful that he is always willing, especially when I am growing a new human in my torso, to do the dirty work.

Seriously, all I had to do was fetch.  Fetch new pajamas.  Fetch a new barf receptacle.  Fetch towels and water and washcloths.  Because I tell ya what- there is only so much magic a lime popsicle can do.  Help make a dress?  Sure.  Overcome the disgusting properties of another human being's up-chuck?  That is a big fat negative, yo.

So that's where we are, people.

Oh wait, I implied I would have a second question.  Um....

What is your most very favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table?  

I know that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, but I figured y'all were pretty 'sick' (hah!  See what I did there?) of hearing about our ailments.

Happy Feast of Christ the King, y'all.  Viva Cristo Rey!
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  1. mmmmmmmm, now I think I could eat some of that right now!

  2. Hands down, my favorite dish at Thanksgiving is my mom's stuffing. And not just anyone's stuffing, it has to be hers!! All others seem inferior, but I think most people feel that way about what they grew up with. It reminds me of one the TV show "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes where Monica ends up trying to make something like 4 different types of mashed potatoes according to what people remembered and liked from their childhood (some like them smooth, I think Phoebe wanted lumps in hers, etc.). Unfortunately, we will not be attending Thanksgiving on my side, so I will have to smile and nod and eat some inferior stuffing, but then again, I am sure it will still be good. (Oh, and although you didn't ask for this - I am going to chime in anyway....the one Thanksgiving dish I have never ever liked and don't foresee ever eating is Green Been Casserole. Seriously, I know it is some American classic or something and at every Thanksgiving I have been too I think I have seen it show up, but it grosses me out. And I like Green Beens!). I know, I know....I am weird. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I agree with you on the green bean casserole! They always get overcooked. If your green beans are olive colored, they are NOT going to taste good! :)

  4. Dwija, I'm continuing to pray that your morning sickness disappears posthaste! I'm so glad that Tommy is willing to help out. And I really hope he hears good news about the job soon.
    My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely the stuffing. When I had morning sickness, I couldn't tolerate chicken, but somehow was okay with turkey. Otherwise I basically subsisted on carbs. So Thanksgiving dinner was a blessing all the way around. :)

  5. We always have cappellettis. They are delicious and because of that, they are of course the biggest pain to make.

  6. ugh, sickness. My oldest wasn't feeling well this week and is finally playing again today. Hope yours feels lots better soon! (and you, too)
    1. white mineral oil (found this on eHow) if you have it in your house, you know.
    2. fav Tday dish: sweet potatoes. Not casserole. Just roasted and lots of butter.

  7. I think I actually have mineral oil in the house!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a genius.

  8. Roasted buttery sweet potatoes... that's what I want too :) JD hit it.

    Hope you AND the boy are feeling better soon :)

  9. Poor baby. Sometimes a girl just needs to sew something, but NEVER does a girl just need to clean up barf, so that totally makes sense!

  10. As for the drink thing you mentioned on FB, what about the kind of margarita mix that doesn't have the alcohol in it yet?

    Side dish? I'm making a mac & cheese in the crock pot this year. Never have made it before but have eaten it and it's so good. I love my brother's stuffing too.

  11. Stuffing fan here as well. I've never gotten green bean casserole either. Andy loves it and I just think it's kind of "ugh." Oh, I hate when machines go on the fritz and always right when you were about to be "really" productive. Feel better!

  12. Cranberry sauce and gravy.....everything else is only a delivery device for aforementioned sauces!

  13. SOOO glad you're not dead, Dweej...I was getting worried ;)
    And your husband cleans up vomit too? He IS a keeper. Hope you guys hear something really soon about the job.
    And...I make homemade stuffing, my grandma's's pretty much to die for, and probably has about 2000 calories in it, but who's counting, right?

  14. One of my boys was sick this week, too. Disgusting. Even at my best, solid bodily fluids (solid fluids? Stupid pregnancy brain) make me queasy.

    At least we're not wolverines, which, through a cruel joke on God's part, stay perpetually pregnant. No, I'm not kidding. They have some biological horror show that allows the embryo to delay implantation, so the female is pregnant with one, mates, holds that embryo on "pause" until she's delivered. Then the embryo implants and the whole thing starts again.
    Like Pez.
    When I think I can't muster up any gratitude in my prayer life, I remember wolverines.

  15. Holy cow, you are just the funniest woman on the planet, Cari. Thank you, Jesus, for the example of the wolverine!

  16. LOL @Cari's comment!

    I hope things get better for you soon! I'm glad you're not dead and I hope they call your Hubs back soon!!

    Keep up the good work of building a human!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  17. My 3 year old has had 3 months of diarrhea. That and pregnancy nausea do not mix. I understand!

  18. So sorry! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I went out and winterized my garden like you suggested in a previous post but I had no help! Just me! Can you hear my whine?
    Come over and link up on my Traditions linky!

  19. You're pregnant?!? WHAT? Where have I been - gotta go back read your posts to catch up.
    But um yeah! Congratulations!!!!!!

  20. What a great seg-way into your question, Dweej! haha. It's a tie between sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole. Soooo good and can't wait!!


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