Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Cuteness and Gratitude

Alright, I'm posting before we even start our day because I gotta get that frustrated complain-a-thon from yesterday off the top of ye olde bloggy.  Sometimes a girl's gotta vent, but geez, you'd think I could do it in less than three thousand words.

Okay, just kidding.  Apparently my kids need things like "food" and "beverage".  Which is totally fine, because I feel so much better than I did the other day and not even on the verge of an enormous temper tantrum.  If I didn't and I were, I'd probably just dump the fridge out onto the floor then run down the road, arms waving wildly over my head screaming nonsensical things.  And then after that do something unreasonable.


Tee hee!  Look at this cutetastical photo I just took of my very biggest having a (clearly hilarious) chat with my very littlest.  Oh my gosh, that baby is just so stinkin' cute.  I wuvvy wuvvy wuv her!  Just look at that eyebrow raise.  Are you dying from cuteness overload?

Today, my darling friend V., who came and played with my older kids while I was having said cutey baby and who generously hauls the two big ones to their homeschool partnership classes due to our lack of vehicle access and does all sorts of other things for us AND who is currently 10,000 months pregnant (fast track to sainthood, this one), is coming over to hang out with my kids and lending me her van so I can haul myself and Mare Bear up to the county clerk's office again to fix the mistake that I didn't make.  I'm so lucky and grateful!

I'm also feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for all of you and your sweet comments and prayers and emails yesterday.  Looking back at my rant, I feel a wee bit embarrassed for making such a big deal out of such little things.  Maybe your prayers simply washed away all my frustrations, but I'm so much at peace today.  So thank you!  And my children and husband thank you, too.  Trust me.  They do.

Speaking of children...
We took a walk on Tuesday, just the two of them and little Mary strapped to my chest.  Note how Cecilia is striking a pose and grinning for the camera like the professional cheesester that she is, acting all sweet and innocent, while Paul, who feels that he is making a "super hero face", is sure you will think he and that stick in his hand are incredibly awesome.  Which is just exactly how they are, those two.

Hey!  Have you entered to win the awesome curriculum I'm giving away?  It looks like there are 100 entries, but each person gets 5, so there's really only 20 or something (I'm just assuming.  No actual research.  That's how I roll, yo), which means the chances of you winning are GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!

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  1. So glad you are feeling better today! It's hard not to be in a good mood on a FRIDAY!!!!!

  2. Hooray for the work of prayers! The picture of your oldest and youngest is so sweet. And the picture on the country road is wonderful. Hooray for sunshine, cute kids, and feeling better!

  3. I, too, am glad you're doing better. I was offline for most of yesterday and missed your post until this morning! Sometimes we just gotta vent. :)

    And your baby is way too cute! Love that pic of the two children together.

    have a fabulous Friday!


  4. So glad you're feeling a little better (I did not comment, but I sure did say a prayer for you) Sometimes I feel like I am your bad-day twin, only yours are worse because there are more children under foot for you.

  5. Hope that today is better! We all need to give ourselves a timeout sometimes!

  6. Glad the tantrum urges are past (for now, anyway). For a long time I thought I was totally crazy - like rubber room crazy - because I bounce so often between dissolving into a puddle of gratitude-ridden tears of joy and fighting the overwhelming urge to jump out the window in my underwear and run screaming all the way to Mexico. It took six months of therapy (and a hefty bill) for me to finally realize that I'm totally normal. Either that or we're all just equally nuts. One of the two.

  7. Oh vent away - it happens. I find that sometimes writing my vent and knowing someone who might care a teensy-tiny bit will read it makes things a whole lot better. My prayers are with you as well!

  8. And may your weekend be even better than Friday. xo

  9. Whew, glad to hear the next day was better. It IS good to vent and get everything off your chest. And the good days make the bad ones seem not so bad after all.


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