Wednesday, June 05, 2013

5 (more) Favorites


Used designer clothing at actually good prices.  Especially the jeans!  Have you ever shopped for jeans on Ebay or at Goodwill?  How can pockets be so tiny and so high?  Who designed those?  And the color of the denim...I just....can't.  Anyway, I'm stoked about this site. 
The jeans I just ordered for Katie arrived and they looked brand new to me.  Just $15.95 AND they met with her exact comfort and sizing specifications (she doesn't care about brand names, but we had found a second-hand pair of DKNY Soho jeans for her once and now they're the only things comfortable enough for her.  Lame).  Winning!

My Kids

Oh, they make me laugh.  They keep me on my toes.  They bring LIFE to our lives.  Sure they make us nuts sometimes.  Doesn't everyone you love?  Anyway, my specific example of awesomeness this week is a recipe created and prepared, from first ingredient to first bite, by my 10 year old.  Imma cut and paste from her word document because it is precious to the max.

My little pony recipe book By Lizzy Borobia

                                                    Applejack’s apple fries
You will need:
Two cups of flour
½ cups + 1 1/2 tablespoons of medium packed brown sugar
1 ½ cups of milk
 ½ cup of thin sheets (you can use an apple peeler for this) and then cut up into little leaves
3 tablespoons of apple juice or
About three apples cut into rectangles.
Here’s what you do.
Mix the flour, brown sugar, milk, apple leaves, and the juice in a large bowl. Set aside. Then cut the apples like the picture suggests, and set aside. Get a pan and fill it with about one inch of oil. Wait till the oil is very hot. Coat a few apples in the batter and set in the oil for only a few seconds. If it’s the right amount of hot, it should turn roasty brown. Turn it over to the other side and cook it for again only a few seconds. When you’re finished, serve and enjoy!

Y'all, they were good.  So good!  And the leftover batter got turned into pancakes.  She's making a different recipe inspired by each pony.  Out of her head.  And then she cooks them herself.  You guys with the tiny children: THERE IS HOPE ON THE HORIZON

 This little boy is uber scrumptious.  Watch.  Love.

Tunic tops
This one was on Ebay.  I meant to bid, but then I forgot and then it ended and now of course it is the only article of clothing I want to wear ever for the rest of my life.  Give to me all of the tunics!

Mush II
I grew up wearing those cheapo grocery store flip-flops with plastic straps.  But when you wear through a pair of flip flops in 3 weeks and you have to buy another pair and your feet are all dirty and your back hurts and you trip yourself because the straps are too loose...well, it kind of sucks.  So I sprung for real, grown-up flip flops and I am in LOVE.  My last pair lasted three whole years.  And you can probably find these cheaper on Amazon or whatever.  They are totally my fifth fave.

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  1. Lotus and Lizzy are meant to be BFFFFFFFFs.

  2. I just love your spirit, Dwija. In the middle of what I can only imagine is one of the scariest experiences of your life, you're still celebrating the little joys of daily life. You're awesome, cutie. :)

  3. I have only worn Teva mush flip flops for years. I love them so much I buy a new pair of my brown ones yearly because they wear out. And I may or may not have gotten married in them. And really that means I did
    But you couldn't tell I swear. Anyway... Mutual flip flop love over here.

  4. I'm not a flip-flop person (maybe I should try Teva) but otherwise LUV this list!!

  5. I gave my favorite pair of flip flops to my 9 year old son. I love them so much, and every time he wears them my heart aches for them. But they are so very 90's. Because they are from the 90's. And SOOO comfortable. WAAAH! Give them back!

  6. I love tunics too! come to the east side of the mitten and shop in all the amazing Indian (as in India) stores to find some really beautiful ones...there are several great boutiques here in Troy.

  7. I LOVE Teva flip flops. I wore a pair for 3 years straight, walking several miles a day in them, before they wore oout. And, we lived in FL, so I literally wore them ALL YEAR LONG. Best flip flops ever!

  8. These are all fabulous!! I've never heard of Twice before, though. Methinks I'll waste an evening on that sometime soon.

  9. Never heard of twice and so excited to know! Love the recipe and three cheers for hope on the horizon!!! (as i ignore my children shredding books together so I can have a moment of peace)

  10. I put my kids as one of my favorites this week too, but they are always a favorite! I love how you wrote everyone we love can make us a little crazy sometimes. I've never thought of that, but it's so true!

    I really want to try that recipe! Sounds really good.

  11. Just go Chaco. You'll never go back.

  12. I sprung for a pair of Teva sandles last year and I am never, EVAR, going back to the cheapos. Definitely worth the extra money:)

  13. I first heard about Teva Mush flip-flops when I borrowed a friend's pair - it blew my mind how comfy they were. For all those who are Mush-curious, get the Original Mush, the Mush IIs are not as nice. (When Deckers Outdoor Co - maker of UGGs- acquired Teva, they changed the Mush design/material. The shoes are so famous that there was a minor revolt and they brought back the original..)

    Also, Lizzy is awesome! I was definitely not doing anything nearly so clever at that age.

  14. I love her! That is awesome. I cant believe she made that up!

  15. My girls are gonna go bonkers for this recipe! They are currently tweeking their "Pony World"... which means massive amounts of tape, cardboard, and fuzzy haired ponies, artfully arranged for the 2yr old to destroy tomorrow ;)
    And I do love my Mush flip flops!!
    btw- super prayers storming heaven for you and your little one! We have a newly sainted baby and we've asked him to pray for you too ;)

  16. Must go check out Twice! And must go back to my Amazon cart with the Tevas and one-click! And can't imagine your girls pushing a lawn mower and I can't imagine letting mine fry with oil! Lol!

  17. Ah, your little girl is too precious! What a sweet recipe :)

  18. Ok, first off... still praying. Second, you're daughter is adorable. What a keeper. Just made me smile. Third... I'm SO a tunic top person and LOVE that one! I don't fit into any of my old one's but that was pretty much my entire wardrobe for years (complete outfit with colorful scarf over long long long locks) Making me miss my old style. My new style you ask? Whatever fits.

  19. I love that tunic, too!! SOOOOO awesome! I hate when that happens -- the whole, meant-to-bid-on-it thing. Oh well...
    Praying for you! *hugs!*

  20. I am with you on the Tevas! I bought some two summers ago when i was going through my third trimester of pregnancy with my fourth baby. They were lifesavers. They are crazy comfortable!

  21. You should not be giving me more shopping outlets!!

  22. Thanks for the tip about Twice! I don't know if my husband will thank you though... haha!

    Tevas are the best ever. Those cheapo plasticky ones would always hurt my feet and basically be $ down the drain. One summer I got a pair of those Mush flip flops and never looked back. I wore them for seven summers, and the first three of those I wore them every. single. day. Definitely worth every penny.


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