Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bright (TT)

I miss blogging. I miss chatting with y'all.  I miss working through my thoughts by spilling my brain here.  And it feels like the longer I'm "down" the harder it is to get back up because where do I even start?

Link-ups to the rescue!

Back when Theme Thursday first started, I used it as encouragement to hone my photography skills.  I mean you know how it can be with a house full of kids- you get so wrapped up in the corporal needs of small people that you forget that there are other sorts of non corporal needs and that you are a person with those needs too.  I've always denied that I have any sort of artistic talent, but the camera lets me explore skills that I didn't know I could have and find beauty looking at the world in a way I didn't know I could.

Anyway, as with all things, I got lazy and started just trying to find something that fit in with that week's theme and gave up a little on the creative side.  But the creativity is the very part I need to work on!  That, and, like, using my brain.  And appreciating that God made even regular things beautiful.  So I'm gonna try a little today.  Bear with me.

Theme Thursday: Bright

On the 4th of July we went over to our friends' house and ate some food and lit some cheap backyard fireworks and it was the perfect pace for two mamas with newborns attached to their torsos.

Taking pictures of sparkling, floaty lights is SUPER tricky.  Who knew?  The top shot up there I tried to focus on the fireworks themselves, and then on the second one focused on the foreground with the sparkly business as an afterthought.  I think if I could've been closer to those super fancy fireworks, I would like the top shot better, but since I had to be behind everyone (aforementioned baby strapped to torso, lack of desire to set myself on fire, etc.) the bottom pic is probably better.  What say you?

And now for some bright smiles, yes?

watching the incredibly glorious show of fanciness

baby's first sparkler

And finally this one, from a play these two starred in, directed by Lizzy.
My shutter speed could have been faster, but then I'd have to crank up the ISO and then: ugly.  Indoor photography is hard.
There is no way I can convey to you the ridiculousness of this performance except to say that one of the lines, delivered gleefully by Cecilia btw, was "Mmmmmm, foaming agent!  Delicious!"

Okay, how was that? Brain tired.  Only 2/6 of people in this house is dressed.  But it feels good.  Yes, it feels really good.

Hop over to Clan Donaldson for more Bright to brighten up your day!

ETA: I forgot a baby picture!  Shame on me.  Just for you...

Okay, baby is bored with all this photo taking.  *huge yawn*

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  1. Love it.

    We had fireworks in the midst of a thunderstorm. I still think the lightning was way more impressive than any fireworks show would have been... but it was a little romantic to watch from under an umbrella with my sweetie! =)

  2. Ah, everyone looks so happy. Good for you, tapping back into the creativity.

  3. The sparkler is my favorite favorite. I'm glad you're playing with your camera again. And I know what you mean about it being hard to get back up...I'm so there with you, and baby isn't even due for a few weeks for me.

  4. My baby had the same yellow striped shirt with the whale. She'll be 7 on October 1. Sigh.

  5. Love that sweet picture of you and John Charles! And way to go for trying for firework photos. I did not go there. Baby mamatographer over here. ;)

  6. Do not disparage your artistic talents. If I must I'll post photos of the necklace that I paid cash money for that you made as proof of your genuine artistic skill. I don't buy other people's crafts out of pity. Keep photographing away.

  7. I like both of the firework pics because the focus is different in both so it lends a different perspective. The color is great, too. Increase your f stop and the whole scene would be in focus (but then, I'm sure you know that :)) However, the cute baby pictures at the end top them all!

    1. I need to do some more research on this low light, taking pictures of lights bizniss because the higher f-stop numbers would mean I need a slower shutter speed to get enough light, right? And if I do a slower shutter speed the individual light particles would be all blobbish? What's the secret?!?!? Help!

    2. That's where you increase the ISO. Depending on the camera, higher ISO is not too bad. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are all linked. So, if you increase your f stop by two stops, you simply increase your ISO by two. Or, depending on what you are photographing, you can decrease your shutter speed by two stops to compensate for the aperture change. All will give you the same exposure. You need to decide which you would prefer...some motion blur (with a slower shutter speed), or some digital noise (with a higher ISO). You should get the book Understanding Exposure. Best book out there. Super easy and helpful!

    3. The other thing you can do is use your flash. The brightness of the fireworks guarantees that they will be in the picture, regardless of exposure settings. In fact, an increase of f stop would make the night sky more night and really make the sparkles stand out. But if you decrease the aperture to get greater depth of field and more night, the people in the foreground would be underexposed. A flash would be just enough light to get the right exposure for the foreground and not change your ISO or shutter speed. Not too much flash, because you still want it to look light night. And there all all kinds of simple ways to get your flash off of your camera and set it up in creative places, maybe cast a glow on the front of the people, add a color filter to the flash to give it a warm glow. So many fun things to do when you incorporate a hot shoe flash. Want to get your creative juices flowing, delve into the Strobist blog. all about lighting. And using simple camera flash. They have a lighting 101 page.

  8. Good thing you didn't get too close—you wouldn't have wanted your Chunka Chunka Burnin' Love to catch on fire for real!

  9. These pictures are fantastic! And sparklers are HARD to take pictures of! Mad skillz, yo!

  10. I second all the thoughts in your first couple of paragraphs. I know how hard that is. Welcome back, Dweej. Slow and steady. :)

    Oh, I had a terrrrrible time with fireworks. I always do. I agree with your assessment of the photos, but I also think the second one is pretty even if it's not as sharp as you would have liked. But cross-eyed baby is my favorite. ;)


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