Friday, February 13, 2015

Mom Lyfe (7qt)

We haven't put up curtains in the dining room  anywhere yet because we want to de-antlerize the window trim (eventually) and paint them (eventually) and paint the walls (eventually) and I feel like I can't even force myself to put them up just to take them right down and patch the holes I just made.  Can you feel me?  So this instead:

Oh my gosh, y'all.  Yesterday was the first day in nine (9!) days straight that I didn't clean up any disgusting bodily fluids.

The den totally became a sick ward with the punies rotating onto and off of that floral sofa.  Note the accoutrement de le gross stomach- chux pads, antibacterial gel, buckets (two, for the double bucket system [tm]), paper towels, water with straw, a nest of bedding, and one sweet big sister to read to you because BEING ON THIS COUCH IS JUST SO BORING PLEASE LET ME PUKE ALL OVER THE TOYS.

Re: the above

Thank you Jesus for hot running water and flushing toilets and high capacity clothes washing machines and bacteria-killing high heat settings on dryers.

Miraculously the three eldest wimmins in our house escaped the plague unscathed and Katy was able to close out  A Little Princess without any unfortunate and embarrassing off-stage incidents.  
the friend on the left is wearing a Harry Potter scarf that Katy knitted.  That's basically all the intel you need on these 4
Unmiraculously, the camera got bumped off of auto and I wasn't there on closing night to do the things with the stuff and the buttons, so this is the best on my camera of kids at the theater.  Rumor has it that some professional shots were taken of the cast on stage, but they're not up on the photo website yet.  Curses!

We made extremely highbrow Valentine's for an exchange at our co-op on Wednesday.  Cecilia was careful to attire herself appropriately for such an important occasion.

Hey, Lent starts next week.  Like, in a couple of days.  So, uh, maybe I should start thinking about it maybe a tiny bit?

Anyway, here are three posts I've enjoyed in the last few days whilst putting off making my own plans...

So first you have to think about thinking about Lent.  Probably best to start here with Christy's A Conversation Between my Mind and my Conscience

Then before you actually decide, read this one: Sacrifice All the Things: The Loser's Guide to Winning Lent.  The list of excellent ways to make your Lent awful for you and your family at the end is hilarious.  And maybe, you know, hit a little bit too close to home.  Ahem. 

Then if you want to round it out with a more serious post, I loved Sarah's When Repentance Looks Like a Shower.  See...repentance doesn't mean beating ourselves up, you know?  What repentance requires is 1) stopping doing the thing we're doing that's bad for us and the world and 2) changing direction to do the opposite, which will be good for us and the world.  If the thing I'm confessing most often is losing my temper and being frustrated with my kids, and the way for me to not be that way is to get more sleep and, like, bathe every once in a while, then doing those things is the way I repent.  Sleeping more and being dressed is the path to doing the opposite of the sin.  It is repentance.  It's a little mind blowing, isn't it?  That a thing could be good for us and good for our families can actually be....good.

Last one!  Last one!

What if we allow ourselves to be happy to be "just" a mom?  Ana explores the idea of permitting herself to be content.  It's really good ----->  It's Okay to Want More....Kids

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  1. Thanks sweet Dwija!
    Crossing my fingers the children are disease free from here on out!

  2. I hope y'all are through the stomach plague and it doesn't revisit your house for many many moons. Or ever, preferably ;-)

  3. I hope y'all are through the stomach plague and it doesn't revisit your house for many many moons. Or ever, preferably ;-)

  4. I hope your kiddos are on the mend! I totally thought we still had two weeks until Lent, my mind must still be back in January or something. Checking out your links next (: Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chux pads. Genius. Not sure what the double-bucket system is, and not sure I want to know.

    1. I briefly considered outlining the Double Bucket System (tm) but, you know....

  6. Oh I'm so sorry for how sick the kids were! I have been keeping us in quarantine because we've had flu/stomach flu monthly since October. I just can't do it right now. No more childwatch at the YMCA, no nursery at church, no sign of peace (thank you Diocese of Peoria for suspending this until the flu season is over). Nada.

    Are you guys making plans for the house now that you've sold the original House Unseen? I hope you're having fun with it. :)

  7. Last year I had a lot of ambitious goals and penances for Lent, covering prayer, fasting and giving. It was the most rewarding Lent I've ever had. I'll be repeating many of these things again.

  8. #7 reminded me of my week. I went in for unexpected gallbladder surgery monday. Recovery supposed to be quick and easy but I had severe muscle damage from having 5 babies in 5yrs so it has been- long and painful. I found myself sitting here, pouting, saying all I wanted to do was get up and cook and clean! - the very thing I complain about the most. it was enough to remind me that I really am doing what I was meant to do even if sometimes that someting is un-glamorous. I sure am going to remember these days when I'm better because I am allowed to enjoy what I do! :)

    1. Eeep! I hope you're on the mend, Sarah. That sounds awful. I'm totally with you- I'd rather be capable and tending house than out of commission like that. Praying for you!

  9. I think #1 is totally logical because I constantly put off various decorating tasks here because "we'll move someday soon" and even though that's mostly wishful thinking it totally keeps me from doing far too many things that I probably should have done.

  10. you are the sweetest. you an all your sweet kids!!

  11. I am living your life! Can relate to all the above :)


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