Thursday, March 26, 2015

March is too Springish for computering I think

AH MAH GAH. What is haaaaaaaaaaaapening, dweej?

Shoot, y'all.  If you aint on the instagram, you can stalk my feed over in the right sidebar, because it's basically the only place with (almost) daily updates.  I just can't keep up with life right now.  We're happy!  Everyone is great.  Good things.  But whoa.

The weather changed and the snow melted and we started pruning things and babies who had been stuck inside got to start going outside.
And the sun has been shining, you guys.  Even on the chilly days it's been shining and it just makes people happy.  Err'body happy!  Err'body do yo happy thangs!

Whoa.  Maple syrup.  We made it.  The sap was gathered and boiled and it worked and it is deeeeeeeeeelish.

Oh these boys.  These boys, these boys, these boys.  The adoration is mutual, I assure you.  If you need a heart warmin', come and watch these boys together.

Hey, Ceci is turning 5 on Friday! Last weekend we had a Double Pinata Fest at Amanda's house with her daughter and a small pile of other children.  This is basically what the entire evening looked like.

The only downside to a summer birthday as a kid was that I never had an in-class party.  Ceci suffers from no such plight, so phase two of birthday celebrating commenced this morning during co-op when she brought a dozen and a half SUGAR cookies (sugar totally starts with "s", kids.  Even though it doesn't make the ssssssssssss sound.  Geez.) topped with the letter S so they could party hearty and, you know, learn their letters real good like.

Whew!  There.  I feel better now.  Do you feel better?  Great.

Hey, we completely rethought our entire kitchen plan and the white cabinets are no longer happening.  And our sunroom is filled with the new appliances.  And maybe I should write a whole post about that possibly?

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  1. Yes please write a post! We're in the midst of planning our kitchen remodel (to actually start who knows when) and I've been stuck on white cabinets for a long time but now I keep seeing painted dark green and blue ones and I love them! And now I'm your decisions (and why) would be helpful to know!!

  2. I didn't realize how close Ceci and my Jacinta are - her birthday is Monday. She gets two parties, too, due to crazy family schedules and people in town and people out of town. And she shares her birthday with a younger cousin so the first party was a tandem deal, too! Birthdays get carazy with this many kidlets running around.

  3. Please do! Seriously missing your voice here. :) Although I am glad you finally inspired me to try Instagram.

    Any chance you might update how we can login and comment? OpenID 2.0 will not be cooperating with Google anymore, as of January 15.

    This plug-in would be awesome if you're on Wordpress. It's free! And let's us login via Facebook.

  4. Ceci's birthday is Friday, as in, tomorrow? Tomorrow is my due date! I didn't know I was due on her birthday :-) But considering I am still very pregnant and showing no signs of that changing, we'll just have to see if our little girls end up sharing a birthday...


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