Thursday, September 03, 2015

Den Gallery Wall Details

Since it's back to school season and everyone's brains are a fried (amiright?), I'm not gonna do the giveaway for the most excellent earrings from this shop yet, but I DO insist you click over and scope them out in advance so that if I can get my little paws on a discount code for y'all, you'll be ready to pounce.  Soon, soon, my friends.

Instead, because I'm sad imagining this blog totally die (it's weird how much "free time" I have if I don't do any of my hobbies, btw), I'm gonna take a picture of the not-really-a-gallery-wall of photos that I put around the tv many months ago because someone asked me to do it and so.....ta da!  I'm doing it!

The most important thing, if you care at all about items hanging on the wall, is this most glorious article and corresponding blog which you simply must read.  Must.  Musty musterson.

Anyway, before I build it up too much, here it is in all its regular, not extremely impressive glory.

The prints on the lower corners are from Kristin's summer of psalms project (you can pick some for yourself for $free.ninetyfree), and those cute little mirrors were made by the big girls a couple of years ago in a Mosaic/Fused Glass art class they took.

Oh, I have to tell you about the "Borobia" in the center there.  Lizzy drew that (so sweet of her!) on the back of a piece of canvas cut from......oh gosh you just have to look.  BACKSTORY: I had been shopping for enormous frames for the rest of the playroom area and gotdang, they are so expensive you guys.  Anyway, I finally found these freakishly weird prints on Amazon which you can buy in pairs and they come with freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee giant frames.  So I bought them and my family saw them and they thought for SURE I had completely lost my mind because I was apparently about to hang two identical LSD dogs on the wall of our precious home.

Insert laughing combined with tears.

So anyway, I removed the prints, used the frames, and the kids quickly claimed the canvases as their own because the backs were still completely unsullied by drug-induced boxer images.  And so the "BOROBIA" was born.

Also, re: ordering hard copies of digital photos you've taken (I took all them pics myself, except the wedding pic natch, because I'm cheap)- my preferred site is Snapfish.  I ordered from Shutterfly once and I didn't really love what they did to the color so I read a zillion blog posts comparing the different vendors and decided to just go back to ol' snappy.

Oh!  A little more about frames.  This gallery wall is in our den which is half of a large room that also houses our playroom, which means it almost always looks like an emormous rainbow monster has just vomited all over the place.  So I kinda wanted to keep the colors a little under control, know what I'm sayin'?  So I decided to use all white frames, which you can easily do by availing yourself of your local hardware store and purchasing a $4 can of white spray paint.  Make it happen, peoples.

Yay!  I did it!  Also, I can tell you it has taken me exactly 35 minutes and 48 seconds to write this because I've been listening to Cari and Ken's first Ghostfawn Homestead podcast while I typed and I've got the exit music playing riiiiiiiiiiiiiight now.  Perfect timing.  Go listen.

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  1. How did you know that I have a stack of pics and frames just waiting to be hung up? That link to info about wall arrangements is soooo helpful! Thanks!!

  2. Laughing so hard at the druggie dogs. MPIX is my preferred image printing company, whenever I actually print them. Really truly quality prints. I very impressively did order some after I got a belated Christmas pic of the kids last year. And then I never mailed them. Postpartum fail, yo. Does anyone want 75 photos of my cute kids? Anyone? Bueller?

    Your wall is cute!

  3. Those are actually pretty pricey for frames, unless you caught a much a better deal on amazon's sliding price scale. If you're spray painting anyway, thrift stores are great, and you can usually find a decent deal at Michael's.

  4. I LOVE the black and whites! They are so great!!!

  5. You should have hung the pictures of the dogs for at least a little while to make your family anxious that you were off your rocker. Even better if you'd get all defensive when they questioned you. We are averaging about two frames hung per year...we clearly have it together over here. -Amy Z

  6. Not that impressive?! Whatever! It looks so good Dwija!!

  7. I love it! Hoping to have mine shared soon too! I'm afraid of the placement process though... :S


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