Sunday, October 04, 2015

big kids

I just want to tell you a story.

The other night the big girls and I prayed together and I sent them up to bed, planning to go up in a few minutes, as they like me to do, to tuck them in and kiss them good night. 

Out of the corner of my ear I kept hearing muffled giggling, but I didn't pay much attention as I was distracted by something probably super duper important on the Internet. Well, when I finally started up the dark staircase, whom should I find at the top of the flight but my two teenaged girls huddled in the dark, laughing their butts off over ???________________???

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday morning in September

The bugs are gone and the sun is shining but you don't get hot even when you're tromping around outside in jeans and rubber boots and your garden is still producing and the raspberries are goin' nuts and basically it's just an amazing time of year. 

September.  Happy sigh.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Den Gallery Wall Details

Since it's back to school season and everyone's brains are a fried (amiright?), I'm not gonna do the giveaway for the most excellent earrings from this shop yet, but I DO insist you click over and scope them out in advance so that if I can get my little paws on a discount code for y'all, you'll be ready to pounce.  Soon, soon, my friends.

Instead, because I'm sad imagining this blog totally die (it's weird how much "free time" I have if I don't do any of my hobbies, btw), I'm gonna take a picture of the not-really-a-gallery-wall of photos that I put around the tv many months ago because someone asked me to do it and so.....ta da!  I'm doing it!

The most important thing, if you care at all about items hanging on the wall, is this most glorious article and corresponding blog which you simply must read.  Must.  Musty musterson.

Anyway, before I build it up too much, here it is in all its regular, not extremely impressive glory.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Using a checklist instead of a schedule to homeschool

I'm doing it, Blythe! I'm just sitting down and doing it and NO ONE CAN STOP ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Running with scissors!!!!

Hold on.  Cecilia wants help doing the math book we haven't started yet.

Holy moly.  Okay, I'm back.

So today on Instagram, I shared these two pics of a quicky project.....

Dagblamit all to heck.  Called away again.  THIS IS WHY I CAN'T BLOG YOU GUYS.

You know when this can't blog thing basically got started?  When I hit six kids.  It's like I'm maxed out.  We have a LOT of fun, I love homeschooling, I love my house projects.  But I can't manage to do all the things anymore, I guess.  Especially in the not-housebound weather.

Welp, it's been 14 minutes since I wrote the above paragraph.  Enormous bug-eyes emoji.

This is why we have to do checklists and not a schedule.

Monday, August 17, 2015

5 Books We've Been Reading Lately

Hey hey hey!  When I first hit publish on this a few hours ago, I didn't know that my interview with the Little House Mothering podcast was going live today.  Well surprise!  It did!  So if you're not so into children's books right now but want to hear me struggle and then not really struggle to complete a full sentence out loud (there is a reason I blog and am not, like, on television or something.) then clicky clicky right here.  But it was so fun.  You'll have fun too.


Once Upon a Time Saints

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Easy Slow Cooker and One Pot Meals Link-Up

Hey hey hey! I'm doing it! As promised, here my easy peasiest crowd pleasingest slow-cooker recipe and at the bottom you'll find a link up for everyone else to add theirs.  Now we can all stop using our stoves forever.  Or at least until we have no children under the age of three in our homes.  I know, right?

Simple Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Can be eaten in a pile with nothing else if you have, for example, just given birth to a baby and are on a strict all protein, no cooking or food prep diet, or it can be slapped on a bun (with or without sandwich fixins) if you're feeling especially culinarily adventurous.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I plopped my hair (with video!)

Ever since Mary was born a little over three years ago, when my hair turned against me and suddenly became almost-but-not-quite curly, I've been in a little bit of a war with my own head.

Remember that unfortunate Luanne haircut I so cruelly gave to myself? I'm not proud. Learn from my foolishness, friends. That's when I realized that if giving excellent haircuts were easy no one would be paying other people to do it for them. 
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