Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stairwell and hallway project: before pics

You know how everything looks truly terrible right before it starts looking great?  I remember on the day of my prom, I looked HORRIBLE right before I really started getting ready.  Because it's not like you get ready first in the morning and then get ready again at night, know what I'm sayin'?  Okay, well *I* didn't do that sort of thing because Kurt Cobain and flannel.

Okay.  What?

Things looking terrible, yes.  So my house is actually not horrible, but I like to start projects and then take pictures of the shambles I've created and call them before pics so you think "why did she buy such a horrible house?  It's weird!  But dang that after picture is the bomb."  Yes, you still say "the bomb."  It's cool.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm not dead yet....!

Every time I get an email notification that someone has left a comment on a blog post these days, it's someone extolling the powers of a certain witch doctor to win back a wayward spouse or promises of wealth and fortune if only you (and I ) join the ranks of the Illuminati immediately.

You guys, I don't even know how to blog IP addresses or whatever it is people do when spammers are killin' it in the combox.  But more importantly the only comments I'm getting are spam because I don't blog anymore.   So depressing.

Hey, I'm finally starting to feel betterish!  As long as I don't go too long between snacks and don't go overboard on the sugar and don't try to chug water, especially not on an empty stomach, I can pretty much do, like, regular things.  Regular is so, so nice.  I actually thought about that this morning while I was getting dressed- about the why of early pregnancy sending everything into shambles, at it goes something like this...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

30 Days to Calm- a book review + preorder

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing Jenna's new book  when it wasn't even a book yet, and although I don't suffer from anxiety in the way that I know many of my friends do, I still found it incredibly helpful.

Do you know Jenna?  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Yes, as usual.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Habits vs. Information

Lately  I've been thinking about the idea of developing habits versus learning skills and information.  We are trying a new method of scheduling this year and though we are only in our fifth week, I feel it is going remarkably well and is teaching us all a lot more than I expected and pushing us to grow in ways I didn't anticipate and I can't help but ask myself why this is.   I don't know for sure and I'm guessing I'll keep learning as the years carry on, as is always true, but I'm starting to think it has to do with the fact that it seems fairly easy to learn information but fairly difficult to develop habits.  And the tricky tricky darn darn part is that it seems more helpful to life in the long run if we have good habits and not quite as helpful to have oodles of information memorized.

Not that I'm saying we should stop learning and memorizing things!  Oh gosh.  Never.  But bear with me a minute.  If I say that the A#1 primary GOAL, goal with a capital GO, in life is to attain heaven (I'm trying to find a way to infuse some jokes into this post but I'm just not finding them yet.  Pray with me?), it seems like learning good habits- a habit of prayer, a habit of trust, a habit of intentionally ordering our lives rather than jumping haphazardly from one task to the next- would be pretty important.  It seems like that sort of learning, the developing of habits, might be primary over other sorts of learning.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

big kids

I just want to tell you a story.

The other night the big girls and I prayed together and I sent them up to bed, planning to go up in a few minutes, as they like me to do, to tuck them in and kiss them good night. 

Out of the corner of my ear I kept hearing muffled giggling, but I didn't pay much attention as I was distracted by something probably super duper important on the Internet. Well, when I finally started up the dark staircase, whom should I find at the top of the flight but my two teenaged girls huddled in the dark, laughing their butts off over ???________________???

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday morning in September

The bugs are gone and the sun is shining but you don't get hot even when you're tromping around outside in jeans and rubber boots and your garden is still producing and the raspberries are goin' nuts and basically it's just an amazing time of year. 

September.  Happy sigh.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Den Gallery Wall Details

Since it's back to school season and everyone's brains are a fried (amiright?), I'm not gonna do the giveaway for the most excellent earrings from this shop yet, but I DO insist you click over and scope them out in advance so that if I can get my little paws on a discount code for y'all, you'll be ready to pounce.  Soon, soon, my friends.

Instead, because I'm sad imagining this blog totally die (it's weird how much "free time" I have if I don't do any of my hobbies, btw), I'm gonna take a picture of the not-really-a-gallery-wall of photos that I put around the tv many months ago because someone asked me to do it and so.....ta da!  I'm doing it!

The most important thing, if you care at all about items hanging on the wall, is this most glorious article and corresponding blog which you simply must read.  Must.  Musty musterson.

Anyway, before I build it up too much, here it is in all its regular, not extremely impressive glory.
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