Monday, January 16, 2017

Two Babies

What I was planning to do is to share some before pictures of our downstairs bathroom that I'd like to set on fire lovingly remodel soon.  But wait!  Look at how sweet my babies are!  Nom nom nom.

Elizabeth, 14
Helen, 8 months (adjusted)

Many many many heart eye emojis...

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  1. What a beautiful moment you captured! I'm 15 years older than one of my sisters, and we have always had a special relationship. She was like my little baby when she was born; I adored her. Still do! <3

  2. I thought you were announcing that you are pregnant with twins! I always thought God designed toddlers and teenagers to live under one roof to remind the other of priorities and to widen their world view. Cute pictures!

    1. Absolutely! My little sister was born when I was 13 and I had this sense like 'This. This is mine. I must protect this'. She's now 14 and it hasn't gone away. :)

  3. I am 14 yrs older than my youngest sister (I'm the 3rd) and my little siblings REALLY helped me through teenage mood swings and all. Nothing like a laughing baby to pull you out of teenage brooding. :)

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