Friday, January 06, 2017

Small Bedroom Before/After

Howdy! I'm glad you're here.  
This post probably contains run-on sentences, sentence fragments, 
affiliate links, and unnecessary ellipses.  If none of that bothers you, let's be friends.

The last day of my 12 day posting streak has arrived!  Since it has literally been a year this month since I finished sprucing it up, I felt like it was juuuuuuust about time I did a before/after of the small bedroom upstairs, which the two boys currently share, even though I haven't managed to get good pictures of it Blog Reveal Clean.  If it hasn't happened yet, I guess it's never gonna happen, huh?  So you're gonna get photos of unmade beds and clothes spilling out of bins.  It hurts a little, I'll be honest.

It is a tiny room, but it's cozy and loved by all despite (because of?) its quirkiness.

Here is the photo that was in the original real estate listing we saw for the house.  The wide-angle lens makes you think it's some kind of normal size but really, no.  It is itty bitty. 

that's a twin sized bed there on the right

Here's what the wall color looked like in beautiful light with a fancy camera...

But really it had a more orange-y, southwestern flare (to match those 80s light fixtures on either side of the window maybe?), which you can see better here.
The trim and door had already blessedly been painted white, so all I had to do was to slap up some wall paint, change the wall light fixtures, switch to a smaller ceiling fan, and put up some drapes.  Et voila!

crib on the left, bunkbeds on the right

(our master bedroom is the only one with an actual closet.  The kids' rooms both have these open bars + shelves happening.  Probably something to do with making them official bedrooms for real estate purposes or something?)

All these pictures with messy beds and stuff shoved in corners are a definite exercise in humility.  We just can't seen to manage to get better than this these days! I just wanted to show you how these super short bunkbeds are PERFECT for these low ceilings.)

And around the circle back to the crib corner

Paint: Dutch Boy Dura Clean in Greyed Aqua
Wall light fixtures: Home Depot
Black-out curtains: Wal Mart
Short blade ceiling fan: Menards
Hipster Fox Print: Honeychild Forest
Shorty Bunk Beds: Wal Mart 

 Now my favorite part, when I show the same photos again!





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  1. Oh how I've missed your blog - I hope you keep posting even though the twelve days are up!!

  2. Where did the super short bunk beds come from? I have small bedrooms and the regular bunks seem to take it over!

    1. Oh, I meant to link those too! I'm going to add them in the post (Wal Mart)

  3. That is just crazy how the wide angle lens makes it look huge! I love the new color!

  4. I agree with Rosie, I just like to read your stuff dwija. Don't leave us!!!!

  5. Will you put Helen in that crib and have a mixed-gender room for a while? Great color choice and drapes in the room. I would probably not have thought about putting in a smaller ceiling fan--good call.

    Do you want more questions? :)


    1. I think eventually, yes. For a while Paul, Ceci, and Mary shared a room until JC and Paul could move in together. Now it's set up with 2 beds and a crib anyway, so we might as well use them!

      Yes pleeeeeeeeeease more questions would be awesome :)

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  12. Wow, it looks super, super good. I am so impressed at how you can put this together so quickly. It looks so peaceful, and calming, and bright.

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