Friday, October 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Apple Pie, Thrifting, and a Promise

I make a mean apple pie, folks.

And by that I mean "I follow the instructions in the America's Test Kitchen Family Cokbook to the letter, using the orange zest instead of the lemon."  It is INSANELY time consuming, and almost goes against my principal of time being spent solely on useful things (I'm practical and boring like that. Thankfully my kids have my husband to make life fun).  But, the praise and yummy noises (name that show) that I receive when the pie is being eaten is enough to get me to do it anyway.

What?!?!?!  You've never heard of the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook???????  I don't have some snazzy Amazon account or anything, so it does me no personal good whatsoever if you buy that cookbook for yourself and every single one of your friends, except that the world will be a better, happier, more well-fed place.  Go.  Buy it now.
The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook 3rd Edition: Cookware Rating Edition

Anyway, we're making the pies to take to the Halloween party we're going to this evening.  Technically we were instructed to bring a pumpkin pie, but I had apples and not pumpkin available.  Do you think I'll be in super huge trouble?  Well, whatevs.  If nobody wants apple pie, they's gonna be mo' fo' me!

Oh, I just have to tell you about how hilarious my Lizzy is.  They set up this little puppet show stage at the school where they take their piano lessons.  While Katie was having her lesson, Lizzy put on a show for me and it was LAUGH OUT LOUD funny.  I am a total fool for filming it, although I probably would have been laughing too loud for you to hear her jokes anyway.  

Just trust me.  She is a comic genius.

Oh, but I did take a different video this week!  Don't get too excited...
I don't even know what was so funny, but something about their goobery faces just made us all start cracking up.  This was part of our science class, b. t. dub.  We did a bunch of different things with water in glasses that day, and this was one of them.

You know how we're the luckiest thrift store shoppers in the world, right?  Remember the table?  And the bread machine? Well, please add glider rocking chair with matching ottoman to your list of things we've scored because we got this little gem for just $4.99!

The observant reader will note that the booty cushion is missing, but never fear my friends...I have a sneaky little plan to fix that.  You just stay tuned now, ya hear?

Finally, apparently several of my dear friends were disappointed that the dancing video I posted yesterday to accompany our joyous news was not, in fact, of ME dancing.  Mea culpa, dear readers.  So how about this:  when Tommy actually accepts an offer of employment, I will post a video of myself doing a super happy dance instead.  Bueno?  Bueno!

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  1. SO jealous about that glider rocker. I've always wanted one, but the thrift stores I go to never have any.

    I'm looking forward to the dance video!

  2. your apple pie looks yummy! I'm going to check out that cookbook...
    I really hope we get to see your happy dance soon :)

  3. great finds at the thrift stores! Thrifting is my secret passion.

  4. I need a thrift store like yours. Mine wouldn't have something that awesome and if it did it would be at least $30. Awesome find! And if you have any of that apple pie leftover you are welcome to send some my way!

    Can't wait to see that happy dance video! :)

  5. You should post a video of Dana doing the Bugs Bunny dance.

  6. If only I had such a precious video to share!

  7. Now I'm craving some apple pie!!! :) Have a great weekend!!!

  8. Best cookbook ever! Best Apple Pie ever!!!!

  9. I posted a dancing video too (kind of) check it out and happy weekend.

  10. I love tha tcookbook. Love it love it love it. My cover is falling off from the love. It's my go-to cookbook for everything. However, I uae a diiferent ATK recipe for apple pie -- it's the Deep Dish Apple Pie recipe. I prefer it because it uses only butter, no shortening.

  11. That's the yummiest looking pie ever. And now that cookbook is on my Christmas list. Thanks for the recommendation!

    And woohoo about Tommy's interview! SO excited for y'all. Prayers coming your way :)

  12. Oh my god, that pie looks amazing! Amazing I said! Now where the crap am I going to get apple pie on a friday night in Morocco? Right. Nowhere. You are EVIL Dwija! Good luck on the job by the way...fingers crossed!

  13. now I need to go home and bake a pie, shop in a thrift store and encourage my kids to do a puppet show......:)

  14. That glider looks great! And I was excited to find a rocking chair for $45 on Craig's List - you put me to shame!

  15. Haha! That does look like a mean apple pie! I'll be right over ;)
    Your Goodwill has some serious deals!

  16. I got inspired after you got that table - and went to our local GW store. Nothing. All junk.
    In fact some of the worst junk was more than 4.99
    Me so jealous.

  17. I think I could use that cookbook. I love making pies. I almost never do it because I am the only one who really likes them so I eat the whole thing :P

  18. Can you send me some apple pie?

    Love the video!

  19. Bueno! That is so funny that she did such a great puppet show! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  20. I believe you WILL get in trouble for not bringing a pumpkin pie, but that apple pie does look awesome

  21. I think you will get in SOOOO much trouble for not taking a pumpkin pie, that they will try to destroy your apple pie, so you should overnight it to ME for safekeeping.

    ATK is THE BEST cookbook ever. We have made MANY of the recipes (including the awesome apple pie) and have ALWAYS marked the recipes with a little * and write "favorite" next to the title. If you get a chance, make the Chess Pie and serve it with fresh raspberries and/or blackberries and homemade whipped cream with a little vanilla in it. YUM.

  22. That cookbook rocks! It's my absolute favorite. Of course, it takes me at least 3 times their time estimate to make anything in it, but, oh, do their recipes taste good!

  23. Yummy noise... The Young Frankenstein? Right? Anyway, apple pie = mmmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmmmm. I think that's how you spell a yummy noise :)

  24. Thanks for the idea - just added the cookbook to my amazon wish list.


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