Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 Things You were Dying to Know About Me ('cause I'm stylish)

Hold on to your hats folks, because this is going to Blow. Your. Mind.

Okay, not really.  I'm actually feeling pretty uninspired lately.

I kinda don't love the word "actually".  Especially at the beginning of sentences, holy mackerel.  Just start listening and watching for it and I promise it will start driving you batty too.

Alright, back to not really blowing your mind.

Two of my lovely blog readers, Colleen from Inadequate Disciple and Super Mommy from Dandelion Wishes have both given me the Stylish Blogger award this week, so I thought it was probably a sign that I HAVE to tell you seven things about myself.
Woo hoo!  It's the day you've been waiting for!  Huzzah!

1. Yesterday my darling husband invited a visiting priest to come over to our house on Friday to do a house blessing and to have dinner with us.  As in, um, tomorrow?

2. Have you even SEEN my carpets?  How am I going to have time to shampoo my carpets when I'm super busy accepting the Stylish Blogger award and stuff?????  Geez.  So unfair.

3. My grandma on my dad's side had 14 kids.  Was pregnant with and carried to term 14 individual babies.  I know there was no segue into that, but seriously- I have all these machines to do my housework for me and all this internet to entertain me and a house that is actually BIGGER than the one she raised her family in and I have the audacity to complain about stuff sometimes? (see #2 above)  Sometimes I feel like just facepalming at myself, ya know?

4. I recently found out that not all high schools have metal detectors that you have to go through as you walk in the doors.  Really?  But what about all the weapons and the bongs and stuff????

5. There is no better Mexican restaurant in the world (yes, Mexico included) than Danal's in Irving.  And before you try and ARGUE with me (I can see that look in your eyes!) I ask you: Have you eaten there?  That's what I thought.

6. I've toyed with the idea of making a bucket list for this here blog because I love reading other people's lists, but all I can think of to put on there is "run a marathon".  That would be a pretty short list.

7.  Yesterday my hubby bought me this snazzy fabric at Goodwill (because he is thoughtful like that and he knows I love these colors)

And then I made a Pinterest board called "What do I do with this fabric?" and asked people to pin ideas for me.  Have I mentioned how much I love y'all and the internet, too?  So amazing that we can 'hang' out and give each other ideas and sass each other and give virtual hugs and high-fives.  Love it!

So what would YOU do with this fabric?  Right now it's a 60"x90" drapery panel of midweight cotton, but soon it will be a ____________.

Now to pass along the award!  I figure since I received it from Catholic mommy bloggers, I'll recommend 5 of the same whose blogs I read regularly.  (If you gals who own these blogs WANT to do the meme, be my guest, but mostly I just want other people to read your blogs too!)

Calah of Barefoot and Pregnant
Steph of Baca Ohana
Grace of Camp Patton
Cari of Clan Donaldson
Olivia of Road to Poland

Okay, peace out my homies.  It's almost noon and the only 'school' my kids have done today is practicing the piano and reading 492 chapters of various library books.

p.s. I think I really might write a book after all:  "Lazy Mom's Guide to Pretending to Homeschool".  That way I can be so busy writing my book that I won't feel guilty about being lazy at homeschooling.  BAM!  See how I did that?

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  1. D, you make me smile! Make a muumuu. OR a blanket. Something warm and comforting.

  2. Ha ha I totally get you about #3. My grandfather was one of a dozen kids, and the house where his family lived in Dublin recently came up for was listed as ONE BED, ONE BATH!!! 581 generous square feet!!! I died.

  3. #3... I think about my grandmothers a lot, too. I can try as hard as I want, but I'll never live up to them.

    I need to stop starting sentences with "actually". Whoops.

    #7- you are a lucky gal! Maybe curtains or a tablecloth? I love blue and yellow together.

  4. Thank you for making everyone around me in this restaurant think that I'm crazy for smiling and laughing out loud to myself while reading this.

  5. Ditto on the grandmother thing! My grandmother lost a few children, ran her Irish tavern in NY and raised my aunt and father alone after my grandfather died when my dad was five. Yikes...and I complain because I hate going to the grocery store. Makes me feel kind of stupid when I think about it!

    That panel is awesome! Very country french with those yellows and blues. I'd give you some ideas, but when I stumble across a treasure like that one, I tend to redesign an entire room around it. Thinking kitchen valances and chair pads or a banquet cushion with a matching blue and white buffalo plaid check and some throw pillows and then I'd find some pigments and mix up a milk paint to make the walls look like a french cottage and grow lavendar and get some chickens...Oh, wait! You already have those.

  6. Oh my gosh! I used to live on O'Connor road and I've never even heard of Danal's. How did I miss it? :( Now I'm in Maryland and people here don't seem to eve know that there are different kinds of tortillas!!!

  7. That's a book I would read! I'm not having any luck even convincing my husband to consider homeschooling. :-/

    For Love of Cupcakes

  8. Not to make you jealous or anything but I just drove in to Dallas with my family and we are going to Danal's tonight. Then tomorrow a stop at the Capp Bar. These are two places we do not miss when we come back to see family.

  9. Oh Julie, why are you making me drool like that????? While you're eating their salsa, promise to think of me? Sigh...a little bit of heaven in a bowl.

  10. Bongs??? What is this, the 1990's? Speaking of generations and sayings... "actually" and "like" are the scourge of the "Millenials". A generation that prefers filler words to pauses that allow them time to think about what they are going to say. A plague on all their houses!

    Blog "award?" Oh, Dwija, I think I was nominated the other day at some International blogging convention for "site most likely to be blacklisted if it ever gets more than 12 followers." So far, I'm safe. ;)

    Thanks for thinking of me! I am going to do the meme. Because I love those kinds of things, fun, and easyish. I did the "Where I'm from" one you posted a while back. I made myself cry. And it will never be published, but it was still fun. Keep 'em comin'!

  11. It was the 90's when I was going through those metal detectors!

    And I cannot BELIEVE you won't publish your Where I'm From. I'm stricken with grief....

  12. Duh, all the best Mexican food restaurants are in Texas ;) I'm feeling rather uninspired lately too. Finland is just...too normal! haha. Good luck with the blessing tomorrow!

  13. OH MY FLIPPING GOSH, DID I JUST WIN AN AWARD? No, seriously, did I just get a "stylish blog" award? Between the 45 minutes I get to myself this morning, the trip to the art museum this afternoon, the mashed potatoes I'm going to eat for dinner, AND THE AWARD I JUST GOT- this is a waaaaay better day than I thought it was going to be.

  14. Congratulations on your award!

    What a brilliant idea, to start a Pinterest board to ask for ideas - but I'm not surprised, seeing as you ARE brilliant.

  15. Congrats on the Stylish Blogger Award.:) Re: the fabric...An apron would be cute! You should check out this blog: or her etsy shop at:

    I'm sure you could get tons of inspiration there. Good luck!

  16. Actually, I think I might be the greatest offender of the use of the word actually to open a sentence.

  17. BTW...I have eaten at Danal's, and I didn't like it. Sorry...I think it's because I AM a Mexican. Kinda jaded!

  18. Say it ain't so, Grace! My hubby is Mexican and he would fly to Texas just to eat there again...

  19. Oh, I still need to check out that restaurant. We rarely are on that side of town, but if it's that good, we'll give it a go!

    As for the fabric--table runner? Basket liner? Cushion covers?

  20. You know, I'm not even going to argue with you about that restaurant.

  21. doodles you rock!!! thanks for the award and making me feel all special!!! you need to run that marathon... you will be the only person i know, myself included who would have COMPLETED their own bucket list!!!!! and our grandmothers must have been (ok i guess mine would be great grandmother) because one popped out 16 kids.. SIXTEEN. omgosh I shutter at the thought and the other had 11.... STILL. double digits freak me out.

  22. but I will argue with you about the restaurant..... I will eat at YOURS if you come eat at my favorite and we can vote then...

  23. As long as it's not Golden Corral, Steph, then I'm in!

  24. That was such a great first line! I was all excited to have my mind blown, lol. As for the fabric, I just found out about that stuff you can iron on fabric to turn it into a waterproof tablecloth. That fabric would look awesome on a table, if the colors would go with whatever's around your table!

  25. I think you should start a sweatshop and have the kids design clothes from that fabric. It would be educational and all and then you could do a Project Runway video that ends with you sending one of the kids away to another homeschool with a heartfelt Auf Wiedersehen when they don't make the cut. That's what I would do with it anyway...

  26. My daughter has those feety pajamas.

    Actually, I should say she had those pajamas. I should probably admit that they are too small for her. I think they are 18 mo and she wears a 3t, but they're stretchy right? I'm not really ready for her to be grown out of feety pajamas!

    I like to start sentences with Actually! ;)

    And I really love that fabric! :)

  27. DANALS! Did you know they sell their salsa BY THE TUB?! As in, my mother brought a gallon of it to us this summer. If you ever know anyone traveling from Dallas to you, make that happen.

    This wouldn't take much fabric:

    but maybe you could make coordinating dish towels/curtains/apron for the kitchen?

  28. First, put "write book" on your bucket list. Then, you will have TWO things! Woop!

  29. Thanks for linking up for #SundayFunday!
    This list is awesome.
    Your grandmother was clearly a badass... and also, must've liked your grandpa! ha ha! I'm fairly convinced that us Mama's on the 21st century are pretty wimpy compared to our Granny's... but they still need us to set their VCR clocks during daylight savings so, we're not totally useless!
    Your #2 reminds me that I need to shampoo MY carpets. I guess I know what I'm doing Tuesday... ;)

  30. So, #3 - my mother-in-law grew up Catholic in rural Montana. She was - ready? - the 13th child of 21 total. Yep. She had TWENTY brothers & sisters.

    Fabric: I'm thinking kitchen valence?

    (Stopped over from Sunday Funday! Thank YOU for your comment)

  31. Oh my gosh, thanks Dweej! I'm gonna share the love later this week. You're the best!

  32. Danal's! Why did you have to remind me. :( It's worth the 3 hour drive, I think...


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