Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Stupid Stuff and some Cabin Fever

Remember the bow and arrows that the smiley child got for Christmas?  Well, hubby is officially obsessed.  Not only did he get a large book on archery from the library (which he read from cover to cover), he is now poking around at a wacky used stuff/consignment shop nearby to see if they have any cheap grown-up sized bows so that he and his daughters can share quality arrow shootin' time together without him feeling like Gulliver.  His mommy did send him some Christmas dinero, so who am I to deny him his newly discovered life-long dream?  I mean, you guys...they've started doing special back exercises.  TRUE STORY.
I'm starting to think that winter does weird things to people's brains.  Because I want to redo the master bedroom.  Before the baby comes.  Using just supplies we have on hand and the Amazon gift card we were so generously gifted by our Old Friend.  Because it is a pit of disgusting terribleness and honestly it is probably the cheapest room to renovate in this whole house and then I can say "Look!  We accomplished something!  Glory, glory, hallelujah!", and feel all productive and stuff.

I'm going to do a whole post of "before" photos and demand that you give me ideas and suggestions later, so for now I'll just show you the first picture we ever saw of this "master" domicile...

Tres chic!

Speaking of lovely, generous gift cards- Anonymous Meijer gift card has been redeemed!  New baby needed a new infant car seat.  Not only is the one that Paul and Cecilia used passed its safety expiration, it also got peed on by a cat in the barn.  No.  Thank you.  So I did a whole bunch of research and finally settled on the Safety 1st onBoard 35 Infant car seat in Orion Blue.  Thankfully it was on super sale before Christmas for less than $100 which put it in the running.

I had narrowd it down to this one or the Graco SnugRide and I finally decided on this one because a) it has the shoulder-strap adjuster in the front, so you can loosen and tighten easily depending on the level of bundling baby has on.  The Graco adjustment is in the back and you have to loosen/tighten each strap separately.  Pain. b) It's made in the U.S.A. (the SnugRide is made in China) and c) it can be used for babies betwee 4 and 35 lbs.

4-35 lbs.?!?!?!  So he/she can use this seat until his/her 2nd birthday?  At least?  And he/she can be a preemie and still use this?
Boom.  Sold.

Unrelated: do you know how much I love vinegar?  I never knew how much I could love it until we moved here and started doing wacky old-timey things.  Now I put vinegar in every load of laundry and in every load of dishes.  I use it to clean the bathroom (glass and counters and toilets...).  And I even used it to make some delish salt and vinegar potatoes 'n' carrots the other day.

If you are a pregnant woman, I apologize for making your mouth water with those words.

And on the topic of "things I love", let's add Really Stupid Things.

Like this:

Oh man, do make my life so much funnier!

Have a fantabulous weekend friends.  If you see any stupid stuff that would make me laugh, make sure to share it, okay?  'Cause sharing is caring, ya know.

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  1. I keep telling myself that I've let the house get this messy so that when it finally gets cleaned, it'll be just like a redesign.

    Plus, I'm lazy. Who knew a decade of child bearing could take such a toll on a body?

  2. Dwija: This was too "small" for a whole blog post, but I thought you would get a kick out of my dancin' 12 y old. NO SHAME. Bear with it; the first 35 seconds are kinda slow. The adult voice in the background is my sisters, a GP who can be heard asking to take his pulse at the end of the tape.

    Also Cari: I just wrote about decluttering....

  3. 1)"I told you so" regarding the bow and arrow thing!!!
    2) I thank you from the bottom of my confused and lazy heart for doing all the research on infant carseats for me! I heart you to the moon and back!!

  4. Great choice on the car seat. We went with the SnugRide 5 years ago, used it with all 3 kids and actually wish we hadn't. It was SO wide that it wouldn't in a lot of carts, restaurant booths, etc. It was safe, but man it was BIG. The one you chose looks much narrower.

  5. Archery can be fun. Here the local Society for Creative Anachronisms has a large archery group. They meet weekly for practice, then the leather guild teaches how to make your own protective gear, and the guys also have gotten together and MADE their own bows and arrows using period correct materials... it can be a lot of fun. My personal gear has been a really fun history research project to figure out what spices would have been owned by someone in 1000AD who came from the Eastern Roman empire... what fabric, how was it dyed, what embroidery techniques, etc.

    Anyway, I think you might be too far from a Society group but it isn't difficult to look them up online and check; they can be a fun resource for the historical aspects and the do it yourself aspects and the safety rules for things like Archery... Also can be a fun home school resource for living history from 800-1500 or so...

  6. #2, me, too! Except mine is going to be about our teensy weensy bathroom.

  7. Hi - the post about the cat is hilarious - so simple but hilarious!! Car seat looks good - glad to help! Wishing you and your family a blessed NEW YEAR! Yea! 2012!!

  8. That car made me laugh out loud. I am home alone, which is good, because it was a very loud and sudden laugh.

  9. Haha I defs just repinned that inbred cat! I LOVE archery - it was my favorite thing to do in gym class in high school! :o)

    Good luck with your redesign - I'm looking forward to the pictures. :o)

    My MIL showed me that vinegar can be used to clean your dishwasher; it was super easy and helpful!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  10. Ok... As a 7 months pregnant woman whose mouth did water, can you share some kind of recipe for the carrots and potatoes? I need it, lol...

  11. 5- So glad you found a car seat you like. I'm with you. If something's made in the USA I'm way more likely to by it. :)
    6- Love vinegar! I buy it at Sam's in bulk and use it for everything. FYI you can use it as Jet Dry. It works just as well. Vinegar and baking soda are my cheap go-to's for EVERYTHING.

    Hope you have a very happy New Year.

  12. You crack me up and I totally feel like I'm missing out on the vinegar thing.

  13. We have the onboard air 35 and we're using it with our 6 week old (He was a premie and started uses it at 4lbs 7oz) Do try to get it installed prior to leaving the hospital and practice! We spent forever in the pick up area trying to get him in it and get the little ball balanced so we could go home. Also since it's made for such a large weight range it seems long to me so we had to put the seat in front of it up a bit so it would fit. The website has videos that I found much more helpful than the manual that came with the seat.

  14. Regarding #5, they don't let preemies out until they're around 4.5 lbs (ours was 4 lbs 14 oz.) so yes, they let preemies use those seats. :) My 2.5 year old still isn't 35 lbs (we just broke 25 lbs with him) so I'm thinking that it's functional up until maybe 4 years old? (I didn't break 35 lbs until I was maybe 5.)

  15. Good luck with the room do-over! And Happy New Year, my friend.

  16. That vinegar and veggie thing-- could you post that recipe? I am craving like mad and it looks/sounds so GOOD.

  17. "inbred cat" hahaha I had to laugh outloud when I saw that picture :) hahaha

  18. Dwija
    Love to know more about the diff uses of vinegar.

  19. Mmm... I smell a potential future as an Olympian archery medal winner! Or even maybe a career as an English longbow archer...those people were badass! Beat the entire French army in 1346.

  20. Love the indbred cat. Heh. Regarding bows, my husband has had his bow since high school, but it is a fancy glass (yes, glass, I don't know why or how) bow that is a devil for me to even draw back. He made a lovely wooden bow for our kids, it involved finding just the right size branch/stick, peeling the bark off and letting it season and weighting the ends down while it dried. 'Twas and is very cool.

  21. Okay, for all you watery-mouth ladies...I'll post the potato/carrot recipe soon! The kids loved it to. Bonus!

  22. Vinegar is awesome. I love it!

    Nice work on the car seat: sounds perfect! Good luck with the master bedroom redo!

  23. Ooh! A decorating project! My favorite thing in the whole wide world! My house is exactly the way I want it, and I can't wait to move so I can start all over. I already live vicariously through you for leaving California and homeschooling, so decorating can just be one more thing.

  24. My husband, who has been quietly worried about our daughter's new obsession with Japanese anime (manga? what's the difference?) starting watching some of it with her and now HE is becoming obsessed! Oh, and most of our rooms look like your before pic in spite of the fact that my husband has a decorative painting business and is friends with many interior designers. Go figure.

  25. Happy New Year, sweet Dweej! That car seat looks exciting! And vinegar...I use it ALL the time :)


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