Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday- vol. 1

Have you ever eaten breakfast while your husband (or wife.  It could work either way) was reading an article about poo-powered prisons in Rwanda?  I don't recommend it.  It was not pleasant.  It was heavy on photos, too.  Photos, my friends

I'm drinking spicy tomato juice and wearing my Sakagaweah robe.  Is that how you spell "Sakagaweah"?  Anyway, it's long and "southwestern" and decidedly unattractive.  I've had it since I was 11 years old.  True story.

Last night my girls "performed" in a Christmas piano recital.  It was a very low-key, fun thing but I was still planning on forcing them to dress up.  Well, when the road outside of our house was so slick that we couldn't even pull into our own driveway, we decided to just drive straight there.  "Well, at least I'm wearing the jeans that have no holes in them!" said Katy.  And that should tell you how we usually dress around here.

Huckleberry Finn is our out loud reading book right now.  I read a chapter (or so) out loud to my girls every night.  I tell ya what, it's hard to read in Jim's voice out loud sometimes.  How did Mark Twain come up with so many incredible, interesting ideas?

Stream of Consciousness Sunday- 5 minutes of writing, no more, no less.  No editing.


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  1. When did you change your layout?? Cute header!

    No one can ever call your life boring!

  2. Thanks! Just last week, I think. My very first custom header ever. I feel pretty fancy :)

  3. Shut up. This is a real thing? I'm on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You guys have icy weather!? A heat wave is on its way. It was almost 50 and sunny here today!

  5. Oh, it was back up on the 40s again today! This December just cannot make up its mind to be winter yet...

  6. Maybe I can feature it in some kind of Dweej fashion spread. Or rather: Not-so-fashion Spread !

  7. I love that you're reading out loud and that it's Huckleberry Finn! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  8. Love reading out loud to kids!I just visited with my niece and we read a whole Judy Blume book during the visit together, each taking turns reading.

    Sadly we were not wearing Sakagaweah robes!

  9. My husbands first year of med school he smelled like formaldahyde (he couldn't even shower the smell off)from his cadaver. He would talk about disecting it at dinner. And that's when I decided I would never donate my body to science. I mean I will donate EVERY last organ seperately, but I will not be a cadaver. But on the plus side, I can discuss any gross thing at any meal without blinking...

  10. I work with kids, it's hard to gross me out. Cuts and stitches do it, but not poo or puke.

    And that is all.

  11. I have never had the pleasure of reading about poo-powered prisions at breakfast (or anytime for that matter)...and I don't think there's much danger in my husband grossing me out with poo related reading material considering that he is so disgusted by all things scatological that he gags when he changes my daughter's diapers. Sigh. I do most of the diaper changes.
    Okay so, I've just visited your blog and come here and talked about nothing but poop. You're welcome. (what the what!??? Who am I???)

  12. I'm seriously fascinated by your family's adventures. It's never boring, is it?

    Thanks for sharing!


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