Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Come and get us, summer. We're ready.

You guys.  It worked.  Remember that hair brained scheme I cooked up a few weeks ago?

Well, not only did he decide that yes, clearly this would bring peace to the Middle East, but that we should not banish it to the back with the lonely tire swing but rather that he would WILLINGLY dismantle the unused glorified dog shack in the front yard ("play house") and put this together for us instead....

they weren't even finished before small ones started careening down the slide

NB: she actually won't go down on her own because...because she is my child #scaredycat

this one, on the other hand, is her father's child #doalltheexcitingthings

just look at this ridiculous collection of expressions.  dying.

And the piece de resistance:

You know what?  I'm excited for all the people who will grow up and meet my kids someday.  They are the funnestest ones ever.

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  1. best husband ever! best playground ever! so, so glad it came together for you!

  2. Yay! They never need to play indoors again!

  3. I LOVE these photos and know exactly what swingset that is b/c I've been scanning the Walmart site every night trying to figure out which one is the best bang for our buck. This is one I've been considering. Clearly your kids love it! Does your husband think it's plenty sturdy and all of that? Our oldest is only seven right now and about fifty pounds, so I'm not too concerned for this summer but am wondering about a few summers down the road... when there are four of them bit enough to play on it. Since you already have "big kids," what do you think? Thank you!! Prayers for that bebe and you :)

  4. Take my advice (learned the hard way): sink all those posts into cement. Trust me, you will thank me in about 2 years....

  5. Another pro tip here: Make a wooden frame to attach under the slide so it can sit on it. That plastic slide won't last very long without it. The plastic will weaken and distort over time under the stress of use unless you put something under it to support it.

  6. Yay!! I'm still pleading for a swing set for our yard. Maybe your people could call my people?? Love the pics!! Hope you are feeling good - we are SO CLOSE!!! :)

  7. This looks so great! (And WILLINGLY? That's amazing. I'm comparing to my own husband, of course ;) )

  8. I want to hang out with your kids - they look like so much fun! (You can come too, Dwij!!!) :)

  9. Yeah!!! Cheers to many years of peaceful outdoor bliss.

  10. It looks heavenly!!
    Okay, so any labor pains? I guessed tomorrow, May 21. I still plan to toast you at my moms night out ;)

  11. Aww so sweet I love the last line! <3



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