Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pre-baby photo dump

Does this happen to everyone? I have no non-baby thoughts left in my brain.  And if I do, they are not suitable to share in polite company because honey badger. 

So I'm going to share the photos that I just snatched off the camera and you can scroll through the feed of the 'gram to see the happenings and we can all pretend like that's some quality blogging.  Bueno.

 This child has been climbing since before she could walk.  At the zoo on Monday she saw a novelty giraffe made out of Legos.  Lizzy was able to scoop her up JUST as she was saying "Yay!  I climb!" and reaching for his ridgey thigh.

I was not even messing around when I said we needed a new chicken coop before baby arrives.  Or after.  Just start building, Mr. Dweej.

Stubborn #1 refused to pedal, stubborn #2 refused to get out of the backseat.  This is like watching myself outside of myself.

Outdoor book reading season.  It's a thing.

If only his hand wasn't grabbing at his butt.  And the yard wasn't flooded by their sprinkler game.  And it didn't look like 7 shades of kuntry out there.  What I'm saying is that you need to imagine everything looks pristine while that horse-drawn cart ambles by like NBD, okay?

If you're already building a new coop during your last couple weeks of pregnancy,  you might as well put together that new playset that you forced your husband to agree to.  Because why not?  Also: older children- you gotta git you some o' dem.

 Brace yourself for tomorrow's belly pic.  Because wow.
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  1. One comment. Mary and I have the exact same pair of pajama pants. I'm 26. That is all!

  2. My 2 year old climbs like some kind of born again Edmund Hillary. He is Ninja Baby. He is totally silent while he climbs into and onto everything, everything he isn't supposed to climb. Thankfully the (so far) TWO trips to the ER as a result of his insanity have resulted in nothing major and two ER docs that pitied me and just laughed. No joke one night we had all HAD.IT with him and everyone was, my husband, older siblings, we were all sick to death of keeping him out of mortal danger so my oldest son grabbed the portacrib and inverted it over NinjaBaby. Of course, NinjaBaby has a sidekick known as three year old brother who helped escaped and they giggled all the way upstairs to go try and break a couple collar bones on the bunk beds.

  3. Oh my gosh! This is SO good! LOL

  4. I LOVE outdoor book reading season! Looks like your nesting is getting done outside this time? ;) Yay for new things!

  5. Ode to Dweej
    O HouseUnseen
    Who art often seen
    On these here Internets
    In clips and blurbs
    We see thy hallowed walls
    thy storied halls
    thy muddy sties.
    O HouseUnseen
    Let it ever be
    That you remain
    On the internets.

    (Seriously, I will cry if I ever see some post about "the right thing for my family" and "it's been fun, but it's time to shut 'er down" on this blog.)

    Also, please post belly pics that include an object that helps give perspective, like a basketball or a 30-pound infant. :)

  6. It always cracks me up when bloggers start apologizing for pregoposting, because seriously. Can't handle the babies, stop reading the Catholic mom blog. Blog on!

  7. I LOVE the photo dump! And can't wait to see the belly pic … I am in awe that you have gotten so much accomplished this close to delivery. You are a champ!

  8. Great photo dump, I just love the peek into your family!

  9. Can I just say that I have no non-baby thoughts left already? Is that legit? It's real and it's bad. I also can't stop thinking about your baby, Dwija- I just can't wait!!

  10. My first child was God's providence for teen parents - he was the kid who never got into anything he wasn't supposed to... announced at 2 years and 8 months that he wanted to wear underwear and was thus potty trained (no accidents, ever)... got into a debate with the local political reporter about the sanctity of life while in kindergarten... he was born grown. Baby number two at nine months old pushed the ladder back rocking chair over beside the refrigerator and I caught him as he was hoisting himself up on top of the fridge. Baby number three was the kind of kid that people would say, "whose kid is that up in the top of that tree? Oh never mind. It's Auggie." My point is that they got wilder the further they came in birth order. You have been warned. *hugs* Have that pointy bird already!

  11. Oh the country picture makes me long for my downstate home! We use to love spring because the creek was high, horseback rides were many and the tractors hit the fields and we were always offered a ride! But we moved up north and don't have those things for the boys to enjoy. Not that I'm complaining because we drive 5 mins any direction and hit a lake, we spent last weekend at the lakeshore rock hunting and playing at the dunes, and mushroom hunting season is here! So it's a fair trade off!


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