Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Favorites

Hey, hey, hey- y'all are gonna think I'm obsessed with cleaning pretty soon aren't you? It's all a sham, friends.  All a sham.  Linking up five favorite things with Jenna.  Play along why don'tcha?

Bar Keepers Friend
Back at the old house, I used Barkeepers Friend (why is there no apostrophe?  Why? My brain is short circuiting that I have to write it that way) on stainless steel with good results.  But here at the new house, the sink is ceramic and wow, now I NEED this stuff.  Not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have.  Looky- pics with no editing.



Just sprinkle it on, the scrub a little with one of those green scrubby things, and rinse off.

Also? Cheap.  I love cheap.

Kidsme Food Feeder
Charlie has just barely started eating, and man, I love this thing.
this kind is the money feeder
You open it, shove the banana in, and close it back up, and baby can gnaw on it and eat and you can have dinner in peace.  It comes completely apart to wash and is awesome.  Now do not confuse this fabulous item (rubber eating piece) with the *mesh* self-feeder, which is impossible to get completely clean and turns mildewy after seven point two seconds.  The mesh one, which I do not recommend, looks like this:
do not get this kind!
So- Kidsme rubber fully washable = good.  Meshy mesh mesh of grossness = bad.

Holloway House Quick Shine

On Sunday I bored y'all with a 17 paragraph tome about shining the floors in the living room.  Titilating, I know.  Anyway, in case you sidestepped that boredom landmine, I'm here to say that this is the shine-diggity.  Git you some.

Are y'all sick of me recommending this stuff?  It doesn't even look like a real product, does it?  Man, it is so good.  So, so good.  I use it on upholstery, too.  Is there even a carpet spot cleaner that actually works besides this one?  I really don't think there is. 

Bumbo Step Stool
There is something so stinkin' adorable about this thing.  I sort of don't even get what it's supposed to be (two panda paws stuck together?) but I don't care.  It's cute.  It's lightweight.  It's safe.  It's affordable.  I'm pretty sure your kids need one.

5 favorites

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  1. Yes to the Barkeepers Friend! I just moved into a house that has a neglected white sink (eww) and it worked wonders! It's also great on pots and pans, makes them look like new.

  2. So Barkeepers Friend? I'm a Soft Scrub with Bleach kind of girl. Can I be converted because Soft Scrub is not not cheap.

  3. As I was reading your post, my husband saw the picture of the mesh things over my shoulder and, without knowing the context, said, "Those things are good for one use only. They can't be cleaned." Good to know there is a better option because I always liked the idea.

    I am also wondering about Barkeepers Friend vs Soft Scrub. I love Soft Scrub but something less fumey might be nice. I think you need to do another comparison post!

    1. I wouldn't exactly say less fume-y. I've never used softscrub, but barkeepers friend has a pretty high fume quotient, I definitely try not to use it around the kiddos, and open the window above the sink.

  4. Promptly changing from the mesh food feeder to the Kidsme food feeder on my baby registry! Thanks for the recommendation, Dwija!

  5. Love me some Folex. That stuff is like magic. I need to jump on the Barkeepers Friend bandwagon though. I keep hearing about it but haven't tried it yet. As far as stools, we have the Nuby one and I love it. It gets used and abused daily and has held up great. Not as cute as yours though. Oh, and I totally put that feeder on my wishlist for when Sebastian is ready for food, thanks for sharing!

  6. I ordered some Freshana products with SortaCrunchy's 20% off code. Srsly amazing cleaning. It is unbelievable that this stuff is organic and works better than everything else I have. I have the Maxam, Eezee, and Aria--basically the heavy duty cleaner, regular cleaner, and no scent air freshener (it actually gets rid of the odor in the room without masking it. Weird.).

  7. Thank you for the recommendations. I desperately need some thing to clean my kitchen sink. I have always had stainless still ones in my life and now this cersmic sink is getting gross!!!

  8. Barkeepers Friend makes a liquid formula too. Awesome stuff!

  9. Elephant feet. Simples. Feet together. Ya know.

    Never heard of the mesh feeder dealy. So cool. Isn't it funny to have children spanning decades? It's like, it just keeps getting easier, and you're thinking, where were you when I had number 1? Or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7? Number 8? Yes. Anyway, numero uno is 17 now, but my little man is juuuuuust 4 months. I will be buying that in like 26 seconds. Thanks!

  10. Barkeepers friend is my friend too! Love it for keeping our old bronze faucet shiny!

  11. So good to know about the Food Feeder. I have the mesh variety sitting in my closet waiting to be used...I will have to march that bad lad back to Target and try the Food Feeder. I love getting tips like this from pro mom's...thank you!

  12. I hyperventilate a little when I run out of Barkeepers Friend.

  13. Oh yes to the Kidsme feeder!! I stumbled upon it a few years back when my daughter was a baby and it was brand new at the time (heh, I've even posted a pic of my daughter with the Kidsme to the Amazon review page). Since then, it's the thing I've been buying for baby showers as most have only heard of the mesh feeders which are awful. The Kidsme feeders are great. They should pay me; I've turned so many people on to them. :)


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