Thursday, November 06, 2014

Brick (TT)

It's been at least six centuries since I've played along with Theme Thursday.  Did you miss it?  I did.  I miss normal.  Things being normal.  Soon, my pretties.  Soon the old house will be sold and I will get my red sofa back and the normal crazy will resume and this ramped-up psychotic crazy will take a back seat for at least, probably, three days.  Three glorious days.

Wow.  Have not been drinking, pinky swear.

Related: why have I not been drinking?  Am I the boss of this house or am I the boss of this house?  Brb.

Aaaaaaaaaaah, delish.... (imagine cheap beer sitting next to laptop.  Miller High Life.  Not joking.)

Where was I?

Photos!  Theme Thursday.  Brick.

(Pause: When I talk about our new place, please always imagine me speaking with awe and reverence and gratitude.  When I type certain words, trust that there is no taking for granted, no shortage of thankful.  I still feel like maybe we'll find out there's been some mistake and it's not ours after all.  Unpause.)

Yesterday's forecast promised fall-time perfection and it did not disappoint.  Which means, of course, we sauntered around without a care....KIDDING.  No, we had to hustle our butts and get some yard work done, that's what.  But when I set my coffee on the retaining wall (!!!) around the pool (!!!!), it just looked too magical to ignore, so the camera was fetched and passive voice was used and lives were lived happily ever after.

Swearsies I'm not drunk.

Anyway, I didn't even know that the theme for today was brick until about 17 minutes ago.  But when I saw it I was like "aw yissssssssssssss" and lickety split hopped over here.  Because the blogging has been really spotty lately and I miss it.

No concluding thought!  Imma leave it just like that.  Here's Cari's blog which will have a link-up for this week eventually but until then read all her other stuff because your life will be better for it.

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  1. In my head, I've been imagining a very magical land ever since the mention of pumpkin patch, of course there's a pool :)

  2. The mug and the leaves and all of it, awesome! Love fall!

  3. I totes had three normal days between taking the boot off the 18 month old's now healed ankle and breaking my own little toe. It was glorious, just like your brick photo.


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