Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Three of our eight birthdays happen during the first three weeks of spring, which also happen to coincide with Palm Sunday and Holy Week and Easter this year.  Plus the sap is still flowing and the syrup is still boiling and the garden is being planned and there's a full kitchen remodel starting the weekend after Easter and Paul is preparing for his first communion and oops, I should really order those end of year tests soon, shouldn't I?


Anyway.  I'm not anxious or overwhelmed exactly.  Just....I'm just all in, y'all.  I'm feeling really so immersed in all the things.  So how 'bout some pich-ers instead of talkin'?


Hey, we totally dyed eggs yesterday.  Because we have nothing else going on...?  Actually, we're on spring break and it's been pretty lovely.  Plus once we tear out all our cabinets and don't have a stove or a sink to use anymore....well, let's just have some pleasant days while we can.

(Q: do your kids only own red t-shirts?  It's like every picture you post has somebody in a large red t-shirt.  What gives?

A: I don't believe in other colors.  Sorry.

Kidding!  We have a bag of old large-ish t-shirts for the small ones to use as art smocks and most of them are red because blah blah blah long boring story you don't actually care about.  So.  Pictures during crafts means smocks means lots of shapeless red t-shirts.  Exciting, I know.)

Poor, lonely en-candled cookie of lonliness...

Don't worry!  There was an entire plate of cookies at the other end of the table.  If birthday girl wants cookies instead of a cake, birthday girl gets cookies instead of a cake, mmmmhmmmm.

Let's note that we've had to move all small appliances to a table in the dining room because something is wonky with the electrical in the kitchen and instead of paying the electrician to come twice, we're just white-knuckling through until the old kitchen goes out and the new one goes in.  So basically it is cray cray up in here.  I mean, even more cray cray than usual.  Which is a lot of cray.  MANY THOUSANDS OF LITERS OF CRAY.

(NB- portions of new large appliances just chillin' in the sunroom on the other side of that slider waiting for install day.  Super quality photography happening here.  Dang.)


Sheriff's badge.

Pajama shorts as day-wear

Pre-k made "clovers" hanging from string on the wall in honor of St. Patrick

Window treatments yet to be hung

Window frames yet to be painted

Ring o' Countertop Samples on Table o' Appliances with Box o' Presents balanced precariously atop Machine o' bread

Keep on swimming, friends.  Keep on swimming.

(on Thursday I plan to link this with Like Mother Like Daughter, but probably I will forget.  Visit them anyway, okay?  Great.)

Bonus JC, 'cause nobody can get enough of his silly mug:

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  1. "I don't believe in other colors." Even totally immersed and all-in, you crack me up! You'll never convince me that you don't have access to some kind of secret Fountain of Funniness.

  2. The clovers! Hahaha. Good luck with all your doings :-D

  3. The clovers! Hahaha. Good luck with all your doings :-D

  4. ROFL I just love your family. And serious Kudos on swimming in the chaos, woman. You're on a ROLL. Thanks as always for sharing.

  5. Ah! Clovers. Thanks for clearing that up. I was certain they were keys (why? I don't know) or birthday balloons.

    1. Me too on the keys! I was convinced I missed some important St. Peter event and was (once again) behind. Whew! Patrick I had covered...what a relief!

  6. with all this fun, it s time to get pregnant again, right? :-)

  7. We once were given a bag of brand new discarded T shirts, after a school decided to change its school colors and logos. We had over a hundred identical T shirts. Distinctive identical t shirts, in sizes from child small to XL.
    The five kids we had in public school thought nothing of wearing these to school... and often wore what appeared to be the same shirts, day after day.
    One day a local church stopped by, offering to "adopt" our family and buy the kids some clothes. I was somewhat embarrassed . We asked they just help another family. mine had plenty of perfectly good, clean clothes.... they just had so many duplicates. My MIL called them "The shirt that wouldn't die!" I recently came across several of these shirts, still in great condition. I sent them to my grandkids.

  8. I don't have any comment other than cute pics and HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA #beermestrength! I died the first time I heard/saw that line! :-D

  9. You are amazingly awesome.... that is all.

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