Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunshine, Kung Fu, Boogers, and Lies {phfr}

Spring is such a tricky trickster.  Cold and windy; warm and sunny.  I often think of that Charles Dickens quote "...when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."

We're goin' on a dandelion hunt, gonna find some good ones...

"Show me your kung fu moves!" 


Alternate title: How to Lie with Photography

I'm painting the walls, window trim, and baseboards in the dining room right now.  Yesterday morning I posted this photo to Instagram, which might make a person believe that in one night I managed to transform an entire room.

Well, it is true that I stayed up until 2 a.m. and worked my butt off (not literally.  Sadly.) to accomplish what you're seeing there, but it's also true that that is the ONLY section that got painted.  This is what the entire dining room really looked like for the rest of that day:

In addition to the wall color only being partially on one wall, I super love the "gallery wall" of all the things from all the other walls that have been slowly migrating to the vertical place where there are still old nails randomly strewn about.  Random piece of baseboard trim. Sunroom full of renovation materials.  So fancy.  Such HGTV. Wow.

Anyway, I just didn't want any of you getting to think that it's just befores and afters up in here.  Nope nope.  Lots and lots of ugly in-betweens happening, too.

(If you asked a question on the kitchen tour post, I'm gonna get to those lickety split.  Swearsies!)

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  1. I love you and your honest follow up. Also, the dandelion hunt pics are delish. And your doge-ness. So doge. Much meme. Many loves.

  2. You got the bear hunt song stuck in my head. Good thing you made up for it with kung-fu and nose-picking pictures! :)

  3. Love the wall color. The trampoline me nightmares of dd breaking her leg on one. Hate to be a party pooper!

    1. I hate to be a party pooper too, but sometimes cars crash. Homes burn down. One time when I was little, my neighbor was riding his bike, got his shoelaces stuck in the pedals and he flew off into the air and smashed face first into a telephone pole that had nails sticking out of it but there's not one other person I know of who's ever had that happen to them. Just sayin...people still gotta live.

    2. Lmaooooo. I mean when it happens to your own kid you do get horrified for life. But it's true. You can't stop having fun

    3. Ooh! Me me! When I was a teenager I knocked in my front teeth in a trampoline incident involving a flip that went horribly wrong.
      But I totally let my kids jump on trampolines now, with the caveat that no flips are to be attempted unless there is an Olympic gymnastic coach with them.

  4. 1. I looooove the curtains. Much love. Love. Second, those are some serious Kung Fu moves! Great form!

  5. These days, I'm in a rush to read posts. It kind of amounts to skimming more than in-depth reading. So when I saw your title, I honestly thought it meant "Kung-fuu boogers" LOL I was waiting to read some amazingly hilarious description of one of your kids' boogers snapping. (Hey, it's only Monday and I'm already waiting for Friday!)


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