Monday, June 15, 2015

and I will tell of what He has done for my soul (free printable from Vine of Plenty)

If you've been reading this blog for a while, since back when I used to blog more than once a week or so, you'll know that community is my spirit animal.  The community, the relationships, the discussions, the resources, the support- they are such incredible gifts that the internet and our internetting together, can facilitate.

Also, I just used the word facilitate, which means clearly I know what I'm talking about.

Me talk goodly sometimez.

Wanna celebrate the Psalms together?  Spoiler alert: you do.

When Kristin Foss of Vine of Plenty asked me if I'd like to participate in this little project, I felt so lucky.  Just lucky that a person I've never met would think of me and want to do something fun with them.  I mean, that's so the life right there.

But what is the Summer of Psalms project, dweej?  Speak plain English please!

“The Summer of Psalms Project is an effort to spread selected Psalms through inspired art online. Follow along at Vine of Plenty for more free and encouraging artwork. Frame your favorite Psalm print and share your own pictures using the hashtags #summerofpsalmsproject and #vineofplenty to stay connected.”

That means every Monday there is a new FREE printable of your favorite bloggers' favorite psalm available for you to print and hang or save or pin to your Pinterest board of best quotes or stare at adoringly in the open tab of blolovin'.  You know.  Whichever.

My pick was Psalm 66:16, but really all of 66 is is such...I don't know.  I feel like it's the story of this blog, the story of how my life became this, became what it is now.

Shout joyfully to God, all the earth;
sing of his glorious name;
give him glorious praise.
Say to God: “How awesome your deeds!
Before your great strength your enemies cringe.
All the earth falls in worship before you;
they sing of you, sing of your name!”

Come and see the works of God,
awesome in deeds before the children of Adam.
He changed the sea to dry land;
through the river they passed on foot.
There we rejoiced in him,
who rules by his might forever, His eyes are fixed upon the nations.
 Let no rebel rise to challenge!

Bless our God, you peoples;
loudly sound his praise,
Who has kept us alive and not allowed our feet to slip.
You tested us, O God, tried us as silver tried by fire.
You led us into a snare; you bound us at the waist as captives.
You let captors set foot on our neck; we went through fire and water;
then you led us out to freedom.

I will bring burnt offerings* to your house;
to you I will fulfill my vows,
Which my lips pronounced and my mouth spoke in my distress.
Burnt offerings of fatlings I will offer you and sacrificial smoke of rams;
I will sacrifice oxen and goats.

Come and hear, all you who fear God, while I recount what has been done for me.
I called to him with my mouth; 
praise was upon my tongue.
Had I cherished evil in my heart, the Lord would not have heard.
But God did hear and listened to my voice in prayer.
Blessed be God, who did not reject my prayer and refuse his mercy. 

 Dang I tear up every time I get to the end.  It was super hard to pick just one line as a favorite, the whole thing is just so beautiful.

Print it out and we can be wall twins!  You can see Cari's pick right here and Elizabeth's right here.  I'm number three and I can't WAIT to see what the other ladies have chosen.  If you keep your eye on Vine of Plenty, you can follow along too.

Happy summer, friends!

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  1. Wow -- a couple of weeks ago I had decided (been prompted ;) ) to focus on the psalms this summer! I've been reading through them and CS Lewis' book. Don't you love God's "coincidences"?

    1. Oh for sure, for sure. A friend of mine calls them "God-incidences". I love that.

  2. Beautiful choice of scripture. Beautiful print. Love this friend. It really is the story of you <3

    1. Oh Mary, thank you. I'm so grateful the Internet brought us together!

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