Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ewok walk

Paul built the Great Wall of China across the playroom with mega blocks this morning. Now Katy is trying to teach him how to blow a bubble with bubble gum. It's going...about as well as you'd expect. Read: terribly.

The peas are almost ready to pick in the garden! We're already getting strawberries. The melons and pumpkins and zucchini and yellow squash all have sweet little leaves.  Will the eggplant and the bell peppers be a bust again this year? I'm guessing yes. But that doesn't stop me from trying, nope.  Hope springs eternal and all that jazz.

Did I tell you that Mary learned to go potty? Yay! Back to only one in diapers! 

Did I tell you that Charlie homeschooled himself how to walk? Well, he totally did and he basically looks exactly like an ewok when he stomps around, which results in many noms and squeals and squeezes from all his various siblings. It's a wonder he manages to get anywhere at all, to be honest, what with all the interference.
Pre pre pre pre  pre school pro football summer training camp is in session!

Did I tell you that the den/playroom is almost looking amazing? I mean, at least in comparison to how it looked when we first saw it. How about a before/after soonish? Those are always the most fun.
An itty bitty taste...

The way the ceiling fans looked against the former wall color was very what Tommy called Country Bear Jamboree:
But a leeeetle beeet of paintishness and suddenly it's beachy happiness up in this piece:

Okay so what do we need to talk about?  Charlie turns one (hilarious photos forthcoming), den gets redone, some third thing that rhymes with one and maybe pool time fun?  Kids like to run?  Someone's hair in a bun?   Whatever it is, it's sure to be nice and lame, just like this blog lately.  Weeeeeeeeeeee..................


  1. And yet, even when you only post once a month, we all love it and feel filled with Borobia happiness.

  2. Can't believe he's about to be one! And I do love me a good before and after! So nice to hear and see what you guys have been up to!

  3. A little goes a long way? ;) hahahaaaa! <3

  4. A little goes a long way? ;) hahahaaaa! <3

  5. A little goes a long way? ;) hahahaaaa! <3

  6. One already? How is that possible? I was laughing at your eggplant bust - I gave up on squash a couple years ago for the same reason. I used to get beautiful plants and as soon as a blossom would show up, the bunnies would invade. They would lop them right off and eat them. So I never got any squash. Strangely, this does not happen with cucumbers. I am currently in a big war with the wildlife over my blueberries, which I usually win, only not this year. Sigh. All animals just need to leave my hard work alone. This is NOT an all you can eat buffet, people!

  7. Replies
    1. Nope, not yet. But I sure am blogging (or not blogging, as it were) like a first trimester person, aren't I?


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