Thursday, July 16, 2015

If Theme Thursday were still a thing: Fireworks

Back when Cari ran her Theme Thursday series, back in those days of her old house when she didn't have so many other worthy things giving her peace and contentment, I could count on at least one day of the week giving me an artistic task if I needed it.  Because Cari's life is all about memememememe, of course.

Sigh.  I'm no artist, friends.  Photos are about as close as I get.  Not that I don't have imagination or vision or creativity, but those things just don't manifest themselves as art in my world.  You see them in other ways and that's cool.  But I did treasure that push to go a little out of my comfort zone while simultaneously not needing to manufacture my own project.

So if Theme Thursday were a thing still, I'm imagining that at some point we would be sharing fireworks in July.  Don't you think?

And here's where you expect to get something really great and spectacular but where what you really get is this:

The color and light and movement is super fun but the composition...

We'll just chalk that aspect up to me randomly changing settings with no plan, in the dark, with many small children running around, yes?  Great.  I appreciate your charity.

I've also got hundreds of photos of a 17 day visit from my parents in-law, my brother in-law, and our niece which included Lizzy's birthday (which was, is, also my birthday, btw) and our 15 year anniversary (!!!).  But how do you share all that?  Do you know what I mean?  So much that you've got nothing.  Maybe this will just be a new starting place.  Maybe I'll write about laundry.  Books.  Ella Fitzgerald.  Scout Finch.  Why do I sound so introspective?  Do I?  Maybe I don't even.  Maybe I should stop talking.

Happy birthday, 'Murica.

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  1. Never stop talking! I miss your voice :)

  2. I think you just start. It's like when the laundry has been piling up and you know it's going to take days but literally someone has run out of underwear so... you just start. And it happens. So it will be with writing.

    I also miss Theme Thursday. I have no idea how long it's been since I've used the DSL. Too long.

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  4. "So much that you've got nothing."

    Yuuuup. In my head: All. The. Things.
    When I sit down to write a post: (crickets riding tumbleweeds)

  5. I miss Theme Thursday...and I like the photo, because it feels festive. Composition-schmomposition. I'm suffering from thought oversaturation, too, if that's what you're describing, and I can't seem to write much of it down because it's all swirling around in my head. All the ideas, none of the flow, you know?

    Also, please do write about Scout Finch. And Happy Anniversary!

  6. your 17 day family-palooza coincided exactly with our 17 day trip, and I, too, have hundreds of photos and no plan for how to translate that into my somewhat dormant blog. Happy Birthday/Anniversary! -nancyo

  7. I feel like I'm always in a constant state of "things in my head/too many pictures that can't get on the blog".
    That's a great photo! I too wish Theme Thursday were still a thing.. Maybe someone can start it up again?
    Ruth Anne

  8. Ooh, I love that photo!

    I'm definitely pro-Theme Thursdays. Keep it up!



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