Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Slow-cooker and one-pot recipes wanted

The other day when I shared my three favorite tips for managing clean laundry, a reader named Megan mentioned the fact that feeding small people on the daily, multiple TIMES a day, is a feat challenging for even the most seasoned project manager turned short order cook.

What to do, what to do?

Link up time!

Well, I mean, it will be link up time when the link up is up.  Right now what you're going to do is to pick one (or five) of your easy peasiest, crowd pleasingest, tried and true slow cooker or one pot meal(s) (the fewer ingredients the better I would imagine), and post it to your blog.  Whenever you get around to it is fine, obvi.  Because life. Then on Wednesday of next week, that's 7/29, you come link it up here at Chez dweej.

If you don't have a blog but you really want to share your wisdom, any ol' internet link should work.

I'll be posting my pick along with the link up, because you know I've got a go-to for those kinds of years days.

I'm excited!  Are you excited?  Let's be excited.

p.s. the reason I mentioned the number five is that maybe you can multi-purpose your blog post and link-up with Jenna  at the same time.  MULTI-TASKING FTW, Y'ALL.
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  1. Wow, I feel famous. ;) I can't wait for this! Life-changing, I tell ya! Thank you so much for organizing this link-up.


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