Thursday, October 22, 2015

30 Days to Calm- a book review + preorder

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of seeing Jenna's new book  when it wasn't even a book yet, and although I don't suffer from anxiety in the way that I know many of my friends do, I still found it incredibly helpful.

Do you know Jenna?  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Yes, as usual.

Jenna of Call Her Happy is not only one of my blog friends but also one of my in-real-life friends.  I mean even her husband has been to our house(s).  That's real, y'all.  That's so real.  And although you will say "nay! Impossible!" I assure you that she is even sweeter and more gentle in person than she is online.  And how patient can a person be with her children?  SO PATIENT OMG.  The sweetest, I'm tellin' ya.

So recently Jenna wrote a real, live book which you can preorder right now so that it will be in your hot little hands a to the s to the a to the p.

Okay, so there are lots of tools and resources and advice in this book that I think anyone will find useful, but to me the most helpful part was on day 6 when she talks about the difference between leisure activities and de-stressors.  Ping!  Lightbulb moment.  To finally understand why I can't jump right into my hobbies immediately when I get a free moment was really eye-opening and helped me to make a better plan to eventually get back to doing those leisure activities I enjoy so much.

If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety, you must give this book a try. If you or someone you know doesn't struggle with anxiety but has felt spread thin and less peaceful than normal, you should also give this book a whirl.  It's just so practical and useful.

Wanna read more?  Here's Jenna's blog
Ready to preorder?  Go here and make it happen.

Happy reading!

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