Wednesday, July 03, 2013

5 Favorites- lists and people and cheapness


Can I even begin to tell you how absolutely life-altering the people I've "met" and met through this blog have been?  And all the people I haven't even virtually met but who are praying for us anyway and who made  THIS INCREDIBLE GLORIOUSNESS happen?  Seriously click the link.  And then come back.  Because you can't know the truly mind-boggling goodness of the people I'm talking about (You!  Who are reading this!) without seeing it.  And with a graphic like this... can you resist?

More people

As if that's not enough, in the last couple of weeks we have received not one but TWO enormous boxes of disposable diapers for Mary.  I guess y'all were serious when you told me not to use cloth anymore until the laundry room is fixed up?  I guess.  So thank you to Kris (if you have a blog, message me the link!) and Katilin.  Women of action up in here.

The people! Oh, the people!
See that game right there? My girls have deemed it "the best game we've ever owned."  And it only just arrived yesterday!  A child-distracting game and my very own CamelBack water bottle, courtesy of the lovely Jen Fulwiler who knows a thing or two about being incapacitated and waiting (im)patiently for long-anticipated little boys.  Unexpected and wonderful.

Oh, and even a doppler from Jordana!

All the good things appearing magically on our doorstep.  This is what miracles look like, you guys.  Vessels of miracles is what you are.

Y'all should wear shirts: Miracle Maker.  Yes.


Subject change!

Wanna hear my new money saving scheme?  Of course you do.

So when our Verizon contract expired (I finally know what true freedom is, friends) I hopped on the Virgin Mobile train and for a mere $35 a month got a reasonable number of talk minutes, unlimited texting and unlimited data.  I was feelin' pretty clever!  But no, I was not clever enough.  My cleverness and cheaposity has now reached level 11 in the following manner:

1) A $5 phone from Tracphone complete with triple minutes for life, which means I just paid $30 for THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MINUTES of talk time.  I never talk on my cell phone.  That's going to last me, like, five months, y'all.  That's like cell service for $6 a month.  Cray.  Craycraycraycraycray.

2) An ipod touch, which just needs a wifi connection to do its internet thang.  So, unlimited data for....wait for it....$0.00 a month.  That's about as cheap as it gets, people!

Now, it was $100 for a 4th generation ipod (happy birthday to me) off of Ebay, BUT that will pay for itself in about three months because I don't have the Virgin plan anymore.  Totally worth it.  It's like an investment in future money saving.


I threatened to make a list of all the lists I need to make and I'm fixin' to make good on that threat because I love lists.

To do list

Shopping lists

One Time
Hospital Packing List
Laundry Room Reno List
House Prep for Mama Absence List
To Be Done Before Mama Absence List

Whew!  Now I can wait 'til the last minute to actually accomplish any of it.

p.s. Feel free to contribute your own suggestions, either lists that need to be made or things that ought to go on said lists.  Any and all advice appreciated and loved.

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  1. I am SO GLAD for all of this!!! God is so merciful!

  2. I am all about the Trac Phone. Bought mine at least six years ago for $10 and I would buy the once a year $99 plan with 300 minutes (and if I wanted until the last minute to renew, they would usually throw in another 150 minutes). And, since I don't use that many minutes, they CARRY OVER to the next year! I replaced it last year only when my father was hospitalized out of town and my kids got me a Verizon phone on one of their plans for a year as a combo Mother's Day/Birthday gift. (Yes, one day those children will grow up and when they all go together, you will receive lovely gifts). You are in prayers and your inspiring attitude is refreshing. Can't wait to see the laundry room.

  3. Check out Wunderlist for all your lists. I promise it's worth your time. Free. Can be used on multiple devices. I use it all day every day because I'm big on lists too! BIG time saver!

    1. Okay, I just looked at Wunderlist and it looks Wunderful!

  4. We're also big fans of tracphone. Also, we use Google Voice for all our long distance. You go to the site, it rings your phone, then rings their phone, and it's FREE.

    You need to have a landline for it to work, though.

    1. We have a landline! I'm super intrigued by this. I'll have to try it out tomorrow :D

    2. Actually, I use Google voice on my cell phone. The number for my google voice is local to my parents so they can call me without a long distance charge. They are in an area without great cell phone coverage.

      I get free calls on my cell phone with google voice. All of my incoming calls are free so at my pc I have google voice dial the number which rings my cell phone (incoming call = free) and then it dials the number I wish to call.

  5. Does this mean we don't get to see anymore dead mouse videos?


  6. Since you've done your list of lists, I can only add that under the Hospital packing list, you need to make two lists for that, one for you and one for Nicholas :)

  7. So happy for the blessings coming your way. Many continued prayers.

  8. So very very happy for you all - you deserve a miracle or two while your cookin' your little miracle! As for lists, I need a committee to develop committees to make a list of the lists I need. I get overwhelmed too easily! :)

    Lots of prayers for you all from our little corner of SE Michigan!

  9. Oh I love me some lists! And, if I can cross anything off of the To Be Done Before Mama Absence List, I'll do it. I'm crazy like that.

  10. Yay new laundry rooms and waiting around for precious miracle babies!

    I love love love lists. Love them. I also have made lists of lists that I need. In fact, I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to creating a binder full of lists.

  11. What a shower of blessings Yay...

  12. I sent you a big box of Costco diapers, and you'll love this. I seem to find money all the time. Once I found a hundred dollar bill on the ground. Anyway, I feel bad about keeping money that isn't mine, so if I find money, I give it away. The time I found the hundred, I broke it into twenties and passed them out to homeless people. So anyway, that day I had bought some shorts at goodwill and found $40 in the pocket. I was debating what to do with it when I read your post about the laundry room. With tax and shipping, the diapers came in just under. I bought some tacos with the rest :)

  13. Have you heard about Probably you have. It`s a organizational thing, good for house routines, for your personal organization... you can prepare in lists, for example, everything that needs to be done/be getting done while you are away. Have a look. I find it pretty simple and amazing, making miracles in my life!

  14. Giggles giggles! "Can't wait until the last minute..." Love it! Lurrrvvvvv it!

  15. Awe, you're my favorite too. You're one of the reasons I can't give his blogging world up even though I sometimes feel the tug.


  16. You know what...I was just reading another blog and something just reminded me of you and I realized. I haven't seen any of your posts in so long!

    Dental website samples

  17. While on the topic of cell phones, we used to have a tracfone, but we weren't good about renewing our minutes every year. So we got a cell phone from Sienna Group which is a Catholic, pro-life cell phone company that works off of the sprint network. The cell service in our area isn't tremendous, but the prices are very reasonable, so it works for us.


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