Monday, July 01, 2013

Birthday Season #2 (with TOO MANY PICTURES)

We likes to lump our special events together. It's a special combination of procrastination and laziness, I think.  I mean, I guess we didn't purposely do it, but obviously it happened on purpose.  Like God was all "oh, honey, no.  You will not be able to handle a separate birthday season for each person.  And then celebrate your anniversary, too?  I am lol-ing!"  (That's totally how God talks to me.)

So my Lizzy and I share a birthday (you can read her birth story here if you're into that kind of thing and then Mary was born six days before (the good part of her birth is right up in here).  Which means Tommy and I have given each other a pass on ever feeling obligated to celebrate our anniversary, which is a mere two days after the double birthday.  Did you follow all that?  Do you need a calendar?  How about a flow-chart?

Luckily, between the baby drama and the barftastical sickness that left many of us and our house in shambles, we managed to eek out a bit of birthing day yumminess anyway, twice in the same week no less.  Go us!

First, Mary turned 1....

(the quality on this pic is not good, but boy her face sure cracks me up)

before he realized I was taking pictures...

awesome photo pose for posterity

followed by distraction by ye olde internetz

Madame Suspicious-pants

When you've never opened a present before, you need lots of help.

a true girly girl

And then six days later, Lizzy turned 11 on my birthday...

"more singing, more flaming food?  Is this going to be a regular thing or what?"

We did it!  Everyone survived and is happy and Mary got to eat a real dessert twice in the same week!  Being one and double ones at the same time is obviously awesome.

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  1. Well, happy birthday to everyone, especially you Dwija!! I have to say, Lizzy looks exactly like you and my favorite picture of Mary is the "suspicious pants" one.

  2. I love birthdays at your house. I also desperately want to type out every single funny caption I came up with for the pictures, but I'm feeling lazy and suspect that the captions would only be funny to me. Except this- Ceci's face in the picture where Lizzy's holding back her hair to blow out the candles? Oh my gosh. Still crying about it, I'm laughing so hard.

  3. Wow, happy birthdayS and anniversary to you all! I share a bday with my son, and it makes it all the sweeter, doesn't it? And Lizzy does look like your mini-me, must have something to do with the date of birth :)

  4. Happy birthday to everyone! I loved reading your homebirth story.

  5. All the pictures were precious. Beautiful family...Happy Celebrating!

  6. You got the walker toy I recommended! That was SERIOUSLY the BEST toy ever in my house. All 4 of mine used and loved it. It lasted through 4 boys and then I think I gave it to someone. It was that awesome. And Cecilia cracks me up - all that hair. And her facial expressions! Happy Birthday to Lizzy and Mary! And you!

  7. Happy birthdays all around! Awesome pictures to capture the festivities - and I'm totally jealous of your Le Creuset gifts, esp. that french press!!!

  8. Most excellent pictures; I love first birthdays ~ and joint birthdays!!
    Hope you all have a wonderful year!!

  9. Looks like fun times!
    We have a birthday season, too. Thomas and Holden have June birthdays, nine days apart. And our Ralph is celebrating his birthday today!

  10. Nice pics. I had a 1 and double 1 in the house until yesterday, then the baby turned 2 and ol' double-1's turns 12 in 2 weeks. It is fun! Happy Birthdays and Anniversary!

  11. Party hard!!

    Mary is so cute. First birthday pics are my favorite baby pics, with the wonder in their eyes and the frosting on their faces. :)

  12. I love Mary's face in the pic after her cupcake! "What cupcake, mom?"

    And Lizzy looks so oh oh much like you! Beauty, of course.

  13. Happy Birthday to you and your two girls:) I do know what it is like, we're in the midst of celebrating our Mega Birthday week this week with three in 7 days. (as opposed to another Mini B'day week of 2 in 6 days)

  14. Your children are all so beautiful!

    That cake and those cupcakes look delicious!

    Happy birthday to You, Mary, and Lizzy. Lizzy and your son look so much like you. Loved all the pictures!

  15. My favorite part of birthday photos is seeing all of the proud siblings standing closely around the person of honor. Seeing their joy and delighted little faces always makes me cry - I feel so blessed to be a mother, and to know that my kids have each other to celebrate these times with. Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Cute cute! So glad to see you all celebrating life in the midst of all the craziness!

  17. Happy Birthday to you all!!! The strawberry cake looks SUPER yummy!!!

  18. Love the birthday photos! And strawberries on cheesecake looks fantastic.


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