Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes- food coma edition

 Thank you for all the amazing luv 'n' hugs (I'm taking the liberty of imagining that a lot of all that would translate into hugs in real life.  I like to make assumptions) after yesterday's post.  I will write more about getting to this place of complete peace and happiness, or rather allowing God to give me the peace and happiness instead of putting my fingers in my ears and running away screaming "Lalalalala!  I can't hear you!!!!", but let me just say right now that I am there. 
Because so many of you have sent me private messages of concern and support that I know you want to know for sure how this is going down over here.  And in a word, it's great.  Truly.  More on that when it's not a quick take day!  So yay!  And thank you again.

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of our most favoritestest holidays of the year.  I know I should pick a holy one, and we love those for different reasons, I promise.  But Thanksgiving  Nothin' but fun, man.  Delicious food all day long.  No obligations.  A four day weekend.  In the words of Phil: hap-ay, hap-ay, hap-ay.

Hey, if you want a dry white wine that isn't too pricey but will taste like twenty benjamins in yo mouf (in a good way.  Not a paper eating way.  But like you're so fancy you can eat money.  Rich people eat money, right?  I mean, I've never been rich, but when I am, Imma make a cobb salad with my billz REAL fast.) get this Ruffino Orvieto Classico.  It is the yum.

 You can't see them very well in this picture, but we used fancy hand-wash only dishes at our table yesterday.  Instead of using the matching set, Lizzy and Cecilia raided the random collection of one-of plates and made us a shabby chic table scape.  It was so sweet!


 Check me out with my loser takes, each one featuring a different photo of the same table.  Oh yes, I am on this blogging thang.  But really, I was cooking and setting and and prancing about.  Very little time for proper photo journalism.  But you can see some of the pretty little plates and cups we used at the edges there.  Not pictured: the rest of all the everything, which turned out UH-MAY-ZING.

I mean, you guys.  The food was SO good.  And guess who made it all?  All of it? ME!  As I said over on IG last night, I may have to stop claiming that I'm a fool in the kitchen.  And it only too 13 years of practice to get here!  Go me!

Right now Tommy is at one of our friend's house to help him brew his first batch of beer.  And he took Paul and Cecilia with him.   Meanwhile I'm still in my pajamas.  I ate pie for breakfast.  I'm picking at stuffing while I write this.  The ugly truth is that I am SUPPOSED to be getting the other three and myself ready and meeting them over there's just....stuffing.  And pie.  And no one arguing.  And pajamas.  *cough cough*  Yeah, maybe I'm coming down with something.

Fine!  I'll get dressed!  Geez, meanie heads.   I'll close with a new trick I thought of that could really work if your dough is frozen AND you freeze the scissors so the blades are really, really cold:

 Das right.  Git your jagged plastic scissors and gut the dough for your lattice top pies.  It aaaaaaaaaaalmost worked on ours (you can see the results in Wednesday's pie post), but my dough got too warm and so were my scissors.  The only solution is for me to make more pies.  Obviously.

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  1. 1) So glad things are going great and you are at peace! Awesome! We will pray for you.

  2. You sound sick to me. And you look a little flushed too. I think you need to stay home. And… more pie? Obvi!

  3. Playdoh accessories cut through warm dough really well. ;-)

  4. I think you have some morning sickness. Better stay home in comfy clothes and eat some pie to keep the queasiness away.

  5. You've come down with a case of "not moving"....better stay still and eat pie until it passes....I'm going to go have some cheesy potatoes for "second breakfast"!

  6. Mmmm, pie and stuffing!
    I am so happy for you. :)

  7. Um, I have to go eat second lunch after looking at those pictures, that food looks INCRED!. You are amazing.

  8. Sounds like a case of 'needs more delicious pie' - I loved the craft scissors for pie crust idea - inspired!

  9. I totally had pie for breakfast too! And for lunch I had leftover turkey, corn casserole and sweet potato casserole. I also finished the last of the deviled eggs. I had Thanksgiving dinner alone (totally my choice - my family went to my cousin's house two hours away and I couldn't deal with four hours driving for an hour of eating) but I HAD to cook a regular T-giving meal just so I would have leftovers. Not having leftovers the weekend after Thanksgiving would be way worse than not having a Thanksgiving day meal!

  10. Thanksgiving is also my very favorite holiday! Nothing but cooking and eating and family, all of my favorite things. And, I get to do it twice. We spend Thursday at my in-laws and then my family spends Friday at our house. Saturday is a total do-nothing day.

  11. But the real question here is, why can't we eat pie for breakfast every day? Because, I motion we do.

  12. Had to lol at the craft scissors on the pie dough! If you do much pie, I recommend a pastry wheel; I think I paid about $2 for mine at the grocery store, years back.

    Had to lol at the pie, too - we had breakfast at my in-laws on the way out of town. She went all out - biscuits, sausage gravy AND waffles w/strawberries and cream AND pork cutlets. (Yes, for breakfast. I don't ask.) What did my darling husband, her son, go hunt down in her fridge and serve himself a big ol' piece of? Thursday's pie!!

    Me, I got outside of WAY too much sausage gravy and biscuits. Yum. (Besides, the stuffing was all gone.)

  13. Haha, I cut my lattice top with a pizza wheel and a plastic ruler. One day I'll have a fancy pastry wheel that makes crinkly strips. One day...

    That plastic ruler is just about one of the best tools I keep in my kitchen though. It occupies a special place in my heart, along with my stand mixer, my bench scraper, and my rocking garlic press.


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