Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ogle these things

This morning (that turned into afternoon) a friend of mine came over with 50% of her children to work on the Christmas pageant.  Well, she worked on the Christmas pageant and I threw food at people and distracted her.  How helpful.  Then five kids went outside and just three stayed inside and it was suddenly calm and serene like the sensory deprivation chamber at a spa (is that a thing?  I need that).  At which point we started having a real conversation which eventually resulted in her saying "Oh yeah, how is your blog going?"


Because y'all, I know I've been pretty infrequent and junk up in here.  Middle school, man.  Middle school and first grade.  Middle school and first grade and preschool and  a one year old.  And honestly, I'm kind of rockin' the socks off schoolin' this year.  But that's why blogging has been....sparse.  I haven't quite given myself permission to post a single picture and walk away.  So instead I go five days between posts.

But here I am!  Day five!  Ready to ogle some cute thingies?

 Paul made this in his art class at co-op last week.  I know you can totally tell, but I'm going to mention anyway that this is a turkey and not, in fact, a person.  Around the turkey he has written the things he is thankful for:


Y'all.  He spelled four out of six words correctly on his very own.  And check out how he doubled the "t" in "wotter."  If water were spelled with an "o" it would TOTALLY need two ts.  MY SON IS CLEARLY A PRODIGY! 

Ahem.  Sorry.

Also, remember when I mentioned that Tommy was building a harp?  Voila!  Super chic photos of harp on bed!

It sounds really lovely and even I of the zero-artistic-talent can make nice sounds come out.  Paul is especially obsessed.

Oh, we made this yesterday.  According to the instructions we were supposed to write something we were thankful for on each handprint.
 MEEEEEEEEEEEEH! (that's the sound of the no-way buzzer).  I was just thankful that no one got cut and that glue stick glue comes off of wood furniture. 

 I should write that on one of those hands.

What else?  How about a cute in-process diorama of the tundra that one of the kids is working on?
Two youngers had mild panic attacks when they saw the cute polar bear that they nevereverevereverever play with stuck in the snow right there.  I told them to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

Also guess what?  Pie crust dough is chillin' in the fridge, the turkey is defrosting, and the cranberry sauce is doney doney done done. 
evidence of culinary carnage
 (I call this piece "dangers of having an 11 year old who likes to bake.") 

Opan fabulous food style!
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  1. That's a lot of beautiful craftiness!

  2. Ripping off your man-turkey with the gratitude jail idea for tomorrow.

  3. That is a gorgeous harp! And your kids need this Turkey in Disguise. It's a turkey dressed as Elvis or Evel Knievel or a clown. You decide. Totally cracked my littlest boy up last year.

  4. That harp is amazing.

    And I totally spent a good twenty seconds trying to figure out what FishFrens were before seeing your translation! LOL, what a cutie!

  5. Agree...that harp is a beautiful piece of work.

  6. You are amazing. We are having chicken for Thanksgiving. Because I'm on a no-spend diet. Because I deep-down want to be a cheapskate. And I am actually a terrible spender (read: flee house with toddlers to preserve sanity, enter grocery store, commence par-tay with a healthy handful of guilt as I come home and unload). So. Here's to a new year (liturgically speaking) of learning to be a cheapskate and to you being a kick-bootay school master. *cheers!*

  7. Beautiful harp!!

    I love the diaroma...and how suddenly the polar bear not played with in a year becomes the most popular toy every. That is so totally this house. LOL

    Paul's turkey is too cute..that's definitely something to save.

  8. I did my pie crust today, too. Trying to stay ahead of the game! But the kids keep changing the rules.

  9. Sensory deprivation chamber. Maybe you could start a business with that. As it is, I have found myself in utter silence every time I get in the car alone because it is SO NICE! I'm also with you on the pie crusts today, except I made enough for 5 crusts at the same time which may be bad news bears. I handled the dough way too much... So far I have told you I drive around in silence and that I am super crazy about pie crusts, I sound like a winner! Ha!

  10. I am so impressed by that harp! It's so beautiful. And by your son's spelling of "wotter." It actually makes more sense to have it spelled that way. :)

  11. Look at you all ahead with Thanksgiving stuff already! Today will be pie day... maybe more when I figure out the timing of the turkey and everything. And yes, writing about glue coming off furniture is totally handprint worthy.

  12. Hey! I have an 11-year-old who loves to bake too! Usually the baked good turns out delicious, but occasionally it has the taste of too much baking soda. Yesterday, he made cookie dough. Only it is more like cookie dough powder. I do not know what he did, but I suspect that once again he was in too much of a hurry to read the measurements in the recipe. It tastes delicious, so maybe we can use it as an ice cream topping!

  13. Wow, that harp is gorgeous! My goal to accomplish over the next decade or two is to learn to play, so I'm always ogling them in the music stores.


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