Wednesday, November 27, 2013

America's Test Kitchen Apple Pie

Holy last minute, folks. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, today we are all making pies and suddenly I realized I've yet to link up with Cari's Thanksgiving Recipe exchange thingy.  Hey, maybe you're in PST and you're a procrastinator and this will actually help you.  Otherwise, see ya next year minus three days, y'all.

So it's no secret that The America's Test Kitchen Family cookbook is the A#1 first cookbook any breathing human should own.  If you don't have it, put it on your Listo de Navidad right this instant.  If you do have it and you haven't made their apple pie, what are you waiting for?  If you do have it and you HAVE made their pie: fist bump/finger weave.

Okay, no more talking.  Pictures of recipe including shots of their step by step photos that will surely seduce all you visual folk.

Right now I'm waiting for my cold dough to soften enough to roll it.  When I'm totally done I'll come back and add the after photo and write out all the parts y'all can't see very well.  I hope.  I think.  I'll try.  Or you could google it?  Or hey....control scroll up to zoom in!  That should help. Gosh I'm helpful.  Okay.  Peace out, my sistahs.  And brothas?  Probably not so much.


It's done!  I tried a lattice top crust this time, which I've never done and which I basically blobbified.  But I have high hopes that, with lots of practice, I will one day be featured in Fancy Pies Illustrated.  Dreams and aspirations, friends.

p.s.  Our Thanksgiving menu consists of the following:

Turkey (oven roasted in the traditional manner)
Stuffing (from a bag, not from scratch)
Cranberry sauce with orange zest (no gelatinous dog food medallions up in here)
Pan seared asparagus
buttery dinner rolls
mashed potatoes
ridiculous quantities of gravy
pumpkin pie x2
apple pie
whipped cream
vanilla ice cream

Nothing fancy, y'all.  Just the deeeeeelicious essentials.

 Edited: I love Charlotte's menu in the comments.  Add yours!  Add yours!
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  1. Our menu:

    Spatchcocked Turkey
    Smoked Turkey
    Dressing (from scratch or my husband would weep)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Sweet Potato Puff
    Steamed Green Beans with Almonds
    Sixty Minute Rolls
    Cranberry Jello Salad (for the kids)
    Cranberry Relish (for the grownups)
    Pumpkin Pie w/ whipped cream
    Pecan Pie
    Apple Cranberry Crisp w/ ice cream

    I know… it looks like I'm feeding an army. Close. We've got THREE UD boys coming who couldn't make it home this year and one of them is 6'3"!!! Who knows how much they can eat?

  2. "Listo de Navidad" bahahahahaha!!!!!
    My listo is called "el budgeto says no-no" (say it so it rhymes, then its coooooler!!!!)
    Our menu is:
    Ok, gotta get it together, self!

  3. Yum! We make basically the se pie, called 'classic apple pie', from the Baking Illustrated cookbook from Americas test kitchen. (Note: my family thanks them for teaching me how to cook so much tastiness) we make it every year. I just found an adaptation on smitten kitchen for those who want more ingredient details:

    We also use the all butter pie crust ever since cooks published it in one of their magazines years ago. The taste makes up for any less flakiness.

  4. Here's the all butter pastry:

  5. As far as I'm concerned, as long as we have punkin pie, it's Thanksgiving. Otherwise, what's the point?

  6. I have made that apple pie and it is amazing! Today I made their pumpkin pie and the Cook's Country Praline Pumpkin pie. Both look so good. I don't have a menu to post as we are going to someone's house, but I am sure it will be good. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. My girls are in the kitchen as we speak cooking away: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole (gross--I just eat the french fried onions off the top), cranberry relish and--this seems embarrassing to actually type out--6 pies:2 pumpkin, 2 buttermilk, 1 oatmeal, 1 cherry. In our defense, there are 9 of us. It could be worse, we could as many pies as people.

  8. I've never made ATK pies, so maybe I need to remedy that. I even have the cookbook already. Today's pies: pumpkin mascarpone, pumpkin cheesecake marbled tart, maple pecan, lemon chess. My husband won't be happy until he has an apple pie, though. - nancyo

  9. That looks fantastic! I've tried the lattice before, it is intimidating. But I think yours turned out well.

    We are bringing Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Pecan Pie with Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce to my parents' house (thank you Pioneer Woman), where there will also be turkey and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole WITH bacon but WITHOUT the canned soup, cranberry sauce, spinach salad, and probably some kind of roll. And pumpkin pie, of course. I am hungry now.

  10. Wow! Your pie looks delish. I really should pick up a copy of that cookbook because I know that Colleen Martin loves it too.

    And I am very mom is doing ALL the cooking. Spoiled much? Just a little!

  11. My apple pie filling comes, heavily modified, from the Fanny Farmer cookbook. But apple pie isn't very pretty on the inside, so I don't bother latticing the crust. You did a great job for a first attempt though!

    But I don't bother with fussing over a butter crust for winter pies like apple or pumpkin or boubon-pecan. Those fillings are too extravagantly flavored. Lard all the way. I save my butter crusts for pies like blackberry and peach and cherry.

    We had...
    Turkey (roasted in a turkey roaster - the best single use appliance ever)
    Mashed potatoes
    Mom's stuffing (made with raw meat and homemade breadcrumbs, like an inverted meatloaf)
    Cornbread stuffing with sausage and caramelized apples and onions (my husband likes this)
    Broiled asparagus
    Baked sweet potatoes
    Whiskey glazed carrots (Pioneer Woman's recipe, and very fast to make if you use baby carrots)
    Homemade bread
    Cranberry-Orange relish
    Cranberry Sauce with Lemon & Thyme
    Pickled Beets

    And for dessert there was pumpkin pie and apple pie. My husband graciously permitted me to save making the Bourbon Pecan pie for this weekend.

  12. I love this pie! I crust is amazing and the filling is perfect. I have made the original twice and tried all the variations from the cookbook; the original is our favorite. Our other favorite pies from this cookbook are: Lattice-Top Peach, Summer Berry, Triple Chocolate Chunk Pecan, Buttermilk Chess, Lemon Meringe, Vanilla Cream, Banana Cream, Butterscotch Cream, and Coconut Cream. I still want to try the Pecan, Maple Pecan, and Lemon Chess. I love this cookbook and bake and cook from it almost every day!

  13. If you're a student swamped with coursework and essays, you may need more time to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. Don't worry; there are plenty of options for cheap coursework help online that can take some of the burdens off your shoulders. While making time for your studies is essential, taking care of yourself and your mental health is critical. Treat yourself to a meal from a local restaurant, or have a potluck with friends. Remember, taking a break and enjoying the holiday season is okay!


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