Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 signs you might be living at my house

Have you ever been confused about where you live? Have you ever thought that maybe you live at my house?  If so, here is a simple questionaire to help you determine once and for all if you are in fact my new roommate.

10. What kind of walls do you have?  If you can count 5 different kinds of paneling, but only 2 of them are actually made out of wood, you just might live at my house.

9. If you have to unplug the washing machine every time you're done with a load because the water valve for the cold water drips and threatens to electrocute you, there is a chance you live at my house.

8. Yes, you have to use the dripping cold water valve because the hot water valve doesn't work at all.

7. And don't forget the bucket.  If you got a drip, you gotta have a bucket!

6. Do you have a dryer?  Yes?  Then you definitely do not live at my house.

5. Check the heater vents on the west side of the house. If they are not connected to the furnace and you have them all covered with some toy, piece of trash or old towel because otherwise they would actually make the rooms colder, then you might be living at my house.

4. And because the heater vents are not hooked up, you have a small space heater in the den which readily heats everything in a 2 foot radius.  But the room is 35 feet long, so......

3. Look at the electrical outlets and light switches on exterior walls.  If they have packing tape around them because back in December you realized that cold air was rushing in all around the edges, then yes, it's possible that you live at my house

2. Can your kids find 'pictures' in the water spots on the ceiling?  No?  Then you can be sure that you do not live at my house.  What?  It's just like cloud gazing...only...gross!

And the number one sign that you may in fact be our newest boarder....

1. Every time you turn around, there is something to laugh at, something to celebrate, or at the very least some super-secret spies to meet.


  1. "It's just like cloud gazing...only...gross!"

    Quite literally, LMAO!

  2. Whew, I was not sure if I lived at your house or not. New Im pretty sure I'm not.

  3. Good thing I had this up then, huh?!?! ;)

  4. I sure hope your kids continue the blogging tradition. I'd like to hear their versions of this adventure in about 15 years - they're going to have the best stories to tell about their amazing childhoods!

  5. I think I USED to live in your house. Oh no, must have been your house's evil twin as I have never been to rural Michigan.

    Does your house have wheels? Is it possible it once lived in California?

  6. Wow! I probably lived in your house when I was a kid - except back then it was in Colorado.

    Super funny list! I loved visiting your house.

  7. The table lamp in your den is beautiful. Your girls always make me giggle!
    I just spend my Sunday in IKEA and all evening today assembling my sons bed. That is a lot of time I am never getting back. I feel your pain.
    House is a home when it's occupants are happy...


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