Sunday, February 06, 2011

It doubles as a frog day spa

We've been getting a lot of lessons in finding the silver lining on our clouds lately.  For example, it's probably good that most of the electrical wires in the house were torn out to be sold for scrap before we got here, because we probably would have tried to use the breaker box as it was, thereby causing a horrendous fire and burning down our home.  Cloud: trespassing; burglary; not being able to see.  Silver lining: not being dead.

And so it was with our basement, which we sort of assumed would be accessed from the outside, you know, like the root cellar in the Wizard of Oz, on account of the fact that is it was listed as a Michigan basement with a dirt floor and all.  Upon arriving (doesn't every surprising revelation I share with you start with "upon arriving"?) we discovered that not only was there access from the kitchen straight down to the (dirt floored) basement
there was also easy access from the back yard

which was how our stuff-stealer had gotten the pipes and wiring out of the house whilst the doors were locked.  I couldn't help but wonder why the heck the floor would be dirt or what the heck we were going to do about it, until we left Tommy alone to do all that fixin' and an enormous storm blew in.  The kind of storm that he had never seen in his life, which was so intense that he was sure the whole house would be gone by the time he returned (from his bath in the sink of the public restroom at McDonald's).  Happily, the house was still standing.  In 6 inches of water.  Not the main floor (thank you 8lb 6oz little baby Jesus in your flaxen diaper!) but rather, that fine specimen of a basement, whose walls were so cavey-inny that the mass quantities of water from the storm (some call it "rain") that soaked into the ground around our house promptly shot through these spaces in the cinder blocks onto the floor of the basement to end all basements.

And hippity-hopping up and around the stairs were all manner of froggy-type creatures who had apparently decided that the water in our house was infinitely more fun to play in than the water in the actual pond, which is located precisely right over there.  But have no fear dear readers, because, if you'll recall, the floor is made out of dirt.  Dirt that's connected directly to the real earth, into which water absorbs at a beautifully fast rate (we discovered.  Upon arrival.), and by the next morning, it was all gone.  Just gone.  The basement was dry.  Cloud: unusable hole of a basement with floors made of dirt.  Silver lining: no frog day spa under my living room.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha.


    very enjoyable!

  2. I too think the silver lining is not being dead.
    Oh, how handy to have two ways to get into the basement. *wry smile*


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