Friday, February 25, 2011

My tax-fueled angst is good for something

If you have ever had two and a half home-based business and did independent contractor work with four kids and three dogs and moved across the country to another state for business reasons in the middle of the year after one of you had a real job and cashed out some of your retirement to buy a foreclosure with cash which you then had to fix so that you could continue doing your home-based business, then you will know why doing the taxes this year is causing me to have minor (major) heart palpitations.  It is so friggin' time consuming!  And yes, we were going to have a pro do this for us, but as it turns out, the pro is not going to organize and itemize each of our Home Depot receipts for us and that is the part that sucks.  True story.  I was totally getting everything ready yesterday so that I wouldn't have to deal with it this year and I realized that once I was done "getting everything ready" the rest of it would be easy.  Am I really going to pay someone $318 to do the easy part?  H to the E to the double L no!  'Cause that's not how I roll.

The good news is that from my tax-fueled angst sprang forth some hilarious material for ThatDonkeyGuy, who is a brave, brave soul for irritating me in my time of uber frustration.  And as much as I quite literally want to punch him in his tiny, stuffed donkey face sometimes, the product is always so entertaining that I'm willing to put up with it.  Hopefully he will also rocket to YouTube stardom soon and with the proceeds we'll be able to build our chicken coop!  And finish our goat fence!  And put goats inside our goat fence!  And all the other wacky things we are totally unprepared for but absolutely willing and excited to do.

In conclusion (that's meant to be a funny way for a grown-up to end a last paragraph): sorry for the lame post.  My brain is mush, my house is a wreck, there's a stuffed donkey reading over my shoulder, and two little girls who have already named the chickens that we don't even have yet.  My baby is shoving pencils under the fridge.  My son is shoving a granola bar between the couch cushions.  Oh and look, that dog is eating a turd.


  1. Laughing and very happy it's the dog, not your son, eating the turd. See? ("Could be worse." "How? How could it be worse?" "Could be raining!" Cue lightning flash, thunder roll.)

  2. He is a helpful soul, "Have another beer" Great tax advice. *lol*


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