Friday, February 04, 2011

Because we're lunatics.

Our kitchen used to be two rooms. This is an important part of the story, I promise. So there was the main kitchen part, which used to look like this:

but then looked like this:
 Then there was the "other" part, which we didn't know existed, because, of course, we bought our house off the internet without ever having seen it.  Okay, we had seen a picture, but we didn't know what it was a picture of.  Here it is:

There were no cabinets, no visible exterior doors, no closets, and we had no floor-plan, so we just chalked it up to "we'll figure it out when we get there" (right after saying "What the heck is up with that vent cover?").  Once we realized that it was a disjointed continuation of the kitchen area we said  "What the heck is up with that vent cover?" and then promptly paused our entire renovation project.  Not because of the vent cover, or because we were exhausted, but mostly because we had been spending money like drunken heiresses and there was no way in the history of ways that we were going to go into debt fixing up a house that we had bought for $27,000 cash.  This is also why we have mismatched acoustic ceiling tiles, complete with old water stains from a roof leak, still gracing our entire living room.  But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

So we paused our renovation and did what every normal couple would do: we got a dog.  Hah!  Just kidding.  We got three dogs.  Three (3!) real, live dogs who eat and poop and chew things.  Because we are lunatics.  Lunatics who love dogs, with children who had been the most well-behaved, understanding children in the history of offspring, who had been made excited to move to Michigan by the promise of finally getting a dog.  But three dogs was a little bit of an accident.  What?  You've never accidentally brought three dogs home at the same time?  You haven't lived!

blue merle Australian Shepherd wearing hat southwest Michigan

The whole dog debacle started with Tuff, who is a French man we found on the side of the road.  Not really.  He's a dog.  But he does wear hats a lot.  His previous owners were an older couple who had loved him for his first five years but were ready to be snowbirds and didn't want to subject the boy to so much travel.  I can't imagine why not....clearly he is quite calm and composed.  So we agreed that he would make the perfect first dog for our rambunctious crew and put the matter to rest.  For like five minutes, when we decided that Tuff needed a doggy buddy, which turned into two doggy buddies, because our little litter-mates were such a cute pair and would make having a puppy easier.  Yes, because having two puppies is easier than having one puppy, haven't you heard?  And that's how we got Ranger and Chevy.
red merle tri-color australian shepherd puppies Michigan

In case you've lost count, that's two big girls, two babies in diapers, two brand new puppies, and a five year-old farm dog with a crazy eye in a house with one bathroom and a half-finished kitchen.  Because we're lunatics.

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  1. Wait 'til I get to the potty-training post. Oi vay is right!

  2. Oh, I can see where you would want to get 3 dogs on top of this. Sure. Why not? *lol*

  3. We are reasonable like that, Bernie. As I'm sure you've gathered!

  4. Yes, sheep and goats and the you can make artisan cheeses and sell them to local restaurants and bakeries and farmer's markets and...wait, that's my fantasy. But it's a good one, right? Purdy puppies. I love that pic of Tuff. His expression makes me laugh.

  5. OMG that video was so funny! I love it! And your writing style just cracks me up! I loved reading this! You really are crazy though. My goodness your house must be full of LIFE!

  6. I just think you're all remarkable and a very loving family!

    You have to be to survive with just one bathroom.

    Tuff..he's beautiful! He reminds me of an old tv commercial..."Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"

  7. HA! I'd read this before when I was working on your edition of The Dish, but I'm so glad that I read it again and this time watched the That Donkey Guy video. Hilarious! I love how the dogs just ignore him...hehe.

    And I love that you guys got all three of those beautiful dogs. Your lovely family wouldn't be complete without them...and the chickens, too, of course. :)


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