Saturday, June 18, 2011

I was finally wrong about something...

I don't like to admit when I'm wrong.  Probably because it happens so rarely that I haven't had much practice doing it in my young slightly aged life.

Well, it's a red-letter day friends because I am here, in PUBLIC, to publicly denounce a philosophy that I had held dear to my heart for so many years.  Publicly.

I, Dwija Borobia, have revised my stance on what I once considered tobe the most reviled of all pieces of human apparel.  That atrocity which pierced my retinas with their every exaggerated curve. The thing of which I speak is, of course, the Croc.

I was mistaken when I referred them as "the cockroaches of the shoe world".  When I called them "Croc-roaches" in my head, I knew not of what I spoke.  When I loudly proclaimed that none, of real or generic variety, in any size, would ever tarnish the good name of our doorstep, I was speaking as a woman ill-informed.

Yea verily, do not lose hope, oh fashion-forward friends!  I have yet to make the leap to adult versions of these monstrosities.  In fact, mark my words, that leap will never be made. But for the small ones who put them on and take them off 67 times per day, who walk through puddles, who chase chickens through a warm, soggy forest, they are the country-dwellers answer to the flip-flop.

So they wear them.  And they like them. 
ankle chub for the win.
And they were only $5, so I like them.

My name is Dwija, and I was wrong.

Viva la pequeña genérico Crock!

Join me and Daenel for Shoe style Saturday!

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  1. Do NOT buy these for yourself. They look like clown shoes on adults. They are ugly on adults.

    Don't even think about it.


  2. I said I wouldn't!!!! Didn't I say I wouldn't? Yes, there it is right there.

    I won't. I promise!

  3. Oh buddy. Wearing those when you stand on your feet all day is a blessing. I wish I had a black pair for work. I used to have a blue pair since that was one of our school colors.

    Have you tried their flipflops yet? I had a pair in school colors too...

    Moderation in all things Mollie ...even moderation.

  4. I mentioned you in my post today...

  5. I was so opposed to Crocs. Hated them. Thought they were hideous. But then? I found them for my toddler. And for a little one who has to put his shoes on approximately 651235842 times a day and cannot quite handle the flip flop between his toes yet? These are awesome. I gave in too. And I love them.

    But? I will never buy them for myself. Ever.

  6. In defense of Crocs, they make great beach/lake/pool shoes. When you want to wear something that can get wet. My children's school has a strict no open toe shoe policy (not just flip flops). But because Crocs are closed they can wear those and when it is too hot to wear shoes that is a blessing. August school here can mean 100 degrees or more.

  7. Totally! I have finally been enlightened as to their purpose. It takes me a while sometimes :)

    They are PERFECT for kids in the summer if their shoes actually need to stay on. A fact I only just learned!

  8. The smaller the Crocs, the cuter they are. They get pretty un-cute by size 4 kids. But the size 4 toddlers are tooooooo cute for words.

  9. For the KIDS only, Cathy. They are a life saver!

  10. Mom's are never wrong! They are funny looking, but beauty isn't everything!

  11. Oh. Dear. God.

    Please tell me I will never concede to Crocs in my house. Even for the short person.

    I still love you Dweej. Despite this. :) xo

  12. Oh, I know I am insane...but I LOVE my crocs. I'm 55 and I teach first grade. I decorate them with little trinkets and the kids just love them! They are comfortable for being on my feet all day...I march to the beat of my own drum... and comfort and convenience leads the way...along with the fact that my foot measures a size 4 DD shoes...hard to find anything to fit my duck feet!

  13. Omg! This is hilarious. I have the same reaction when I see Crocs (faux or real) but I have to admit to thinking that little kid feet look kinda cute in them. However, if you ever get them and post a pic, I will point and laugh. LOL That being said, I've heard they're incredibly comfy.

  14. I admit I bought 2 pair of crocs. I thought thay were cute (ballet crocs) and looked very comfortable. 2 for 14 bucks. They're starting to stretch out a bit and they don't look as cute. I only wear them in the house.

    I love little bitty baby crocs though.

  15. I must admit I love my crocs. Heck, I'm a huge sinner as my crocs are FAUX cros. The colors amuse me. My fat feet enjoy the. I hate socks. So there you go. I'm a sinner and like it. :)

  16. My kid broke me down on them this year and he loves them. Oh well, make way for foot rot.

  17. I love Crocs hahaha! They are like me ~ people either really love them or reeeeally hate them. ;D I even have a pair of Croc high heels! They are really pretty, actually, open-toed sandal style and oh-so-comfy. They look nothing like the Crocs we are used to seeing, though. You guys should check them out! I got the heels at the Denver airport, but I'm sure they're online.

  18. I, too, wanted to hate them. To loathe them, and ridicule adults with them. And as a man, purple or lime green clogs certainly did not appeal me.

    But also, as a man, I loooove comfort. And Crocs are soooooooo comfortable.
    Now, mind you, still not doing clogs. Can't see that happening. But there are now many manifestations of Croc; I opted for a pair of flip flops as well as a pair of slides (to complete my brown sock- plaid short ensemble when I water my lawn at 6 pm and all my neighbors drive by). I have also field tested them at such events as the Indy 500, zoos, and Disney. They held up brilliantly to all day wear.

    To make my Croc conversion more celestial, last year we moved 3 miles from a Croc outlet store. Whoa....

  19. My sister in law and her kids started wearing them and swearing by them a couple of years ago and I was horrified. I would not have something that ugly on my feet or my kid's feet.

    Then one day, two summers ago, I took my son shopping for shoes. We walked down the shoe aisle and I saw them. I tried to do the speed up and run past while screaming his name to distract him. It didn't work. He saw them. They were not just Crocs. Not just generic Crocs. Not just generic Crocs in a hideous shade of green. (which is usually my favorite color) They were HULK generic Crocs in a hideous shade of green. With the ugliest Hulk face staring up at you from the top of the shoe. I honestly thought they would scare him because of the rage expression. Nope. He was in love. So, because he is a kid and if you can't wear the ugliest shoes known to man, as a kid, what can you do really? I bought them for him. And they were the best shoes ever. So easy for him to slip on and off. Perfect for the pool! I drew the line at allowing him to wear them to Church. Though sometimes when Dada dressed him they slipped through!

    I have yet to buy another pair for either child. I am not brave enough to take that "fashion" step for myself either. Though sometimes I envy the bravery of those who aspire to the ultimate comfort level.

  20. Funny that you should bring up the dreaded Croc. My column this week was on the loathsome subject of Crocs and socks...which is like a double sin. My brother-in-law advocates this faux pas of all faux pas. And he's trying to teach my nephew his evil ways.

    But I do see your point. When I'm keeping my nephew and having to take off and pay back on his shoes dozens of times within an hour, I can definitely see the goodness of a Croc-like shoe.

  21. The Croc WITH a sock???????????

    Say it ain't so, Katie!

  22. I used to love these shoes for my kids, then they were left outside in the sun and apparently they shrink in the sun, which I find annoying. Also, they only come in 8/9 then 10/11, which means at different times they totally don't work for my kids' sizes.

    I need to try again though because when they are working, they do in fact rock!

  23. Ugh. I have a deep loathing of Crocs. And yet, lately, when I pass the toddler-sized ones I find myself thinking they might look kind of cute on my munchkin. Oh, blasphemy! What's next, I ask myself, a Snuggy?? And yet...

  24. Hey now, don't be dissing the Snuggy! ;) You can be as slobby as you want inside the house, but Crocs on anyone over the age of 8 or so are just not right.

  25. I also swore I would never have crocs. But I did end up with a tan and pink croc flip flop for myself which I swear is both cute and the most comfortable summer shoe I own. It is so un-croc looking that people don't believe me when I ask where I got them. Now, the kids? I also love them for the kids...the normal one and the Mary janes in our house.


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